Don't Let the Data Fool You!
April 2019 Newsletter
Learn the Meaning Behind Numbers.  
Growing up in families facing barriers to higher income can have important implications for the health and well-being of children. Understanding these data is important for developing good public policy and implementing strategic investments that can make a positive impact on children's lives.
Tell a Story.
Central Regional Education Association (CREA) is the largest of the seven regional education associations in North Dakota. CREA is the product of a merger that will become final on July 1st, 2019 between Missouri River Educational Cooperative based in Bismarck and Mid-Dakota Educational Cooperative based in Minot. After the merger, CREA will serve 54 public and private schools and provide programs and services for approximately 40,000 students and 3,000 educators across 17,000 squares miles. 

Join Alissa Thiele and Luke Schaefer on a journey to discover how regional education associations in North Dakota support educators in providing opportunities for students. 

Be informed.
Among the 50 states, North Dakota ranked 8th highest in volunteer participation of residents age 16 and older in 2017. 

With which activity were most volunteers involved with? 
Be a Champion.
Are you working to make your region a better place for everyone?

Do you belong to an organization or community group that is particularly collaborative, innovative, and with a track record of successful community problem solving ? Don't delay! 

Stay Up-To-Date.
Inform your work with the newest data available! 

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