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August 2018 Newsletter
The Next Census Expedition.
Census 2020 is among the most important near-term events that every community, county and tribe in the state will face as it will impact North Dakota for an entire decade. The next census will be conducted on April 1, 2020. The goal of each census is to count the entire population of the country, and count each person in the correct location. Location is important, because the census count is used to determine the distribution of political power and federal funds to each state in the nation for the next 10 years. Not counting everyone in the state will impact North Dakota in the end. For instance, if the census in North Dakota was off by only 0.1 percent, it would cost the state approximately $15 million, which equates to $19,100 per every missed resident. In this month's featured article, Kevin Iverson, Manager of the North Dakota Census Office at the Department of Commerce highlights information regarding the upcoming Census 2020 and stresses the importance of counting every North Dakota resident as it can have significant impacts on the state.

Take It All In.
Although the overall population in North Dakota is becoming increasingly more diverse, children are the most racially and ethnically diverse of all the age groups. Race and ethnicity have important implications for the overall well-being of children. Children of different races and ethnicities often show large variation in health, mortality, school performance, and access to family and community resources
Look At the Larger Picture.
A large amount of updates to North Dakota Compass data can only mean one thing...updated major statewide trends! 

Approach your next adventure with the right resources! E xplore  the newly updated North Dakota Population Trends to  help you understand potential impacts on your work and organization.
Test Your Skills.
North Dakota produced $49 billion in goods and services in 2017. Which sector is responsible for the greatest share of North Dakota's economic output?
a) Manufacturing
Explore the Data.
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