December 2020 Newsletter
The Gift of Data
Gifts for Innovators.
Did you know that over four billion dollars in federal research and development funding each year supports innovative entrepreneurs building out high-risk, next generation technologies? Despite strong support across North Dakota for startups and entrepreneurs, there are relatively few entities and programs that attempt to tap into these resources.

In this article, Brittany Sickler, Senior Innovation Policy Advisor for the U.S. Small Business Administration Office of Investment and Innovation in Washington DC, presents a funding opportunity for small businesses in North Dakota. America’s Seed Fund, also known as the SBIR/STTR programs, helps a wide range of startups, researchers, and innovators to build businesses that provide solutions to challenging problems and enable communities to thrive. 
Unwrap the Data.
Small businesses in North Dakota have experienced operational and financial challenges due to the pandemic. Operational challenges include decreased revenue, temporary or permanent closure, decreased hours of operation, and supply chain disruptions. Financial challenges include decreased cash available for business operation, missed loan or other scheduled payments, and request for financial assistance. 

Since the shut down at the beginning of the pandemic, small businesses slightly recovered towards the end of summer. However, after that, due to the new pandemic wave, the recovery is stalling.
Pop the Gift Open.
The economic output (GDP) per working-age adult in North Dakota is $112,454. Where does North Dakota rank among states on this measure?
a) 1st
b) 3rd
c) 11th
d) 26th
Enjoy New Gifts.
North Dakota Compass offers the gift of data throughout the year. Check often for new data and chart updates.

Data and charts updated in November 2020:
Disability (7 charts)
Median Income (2 charts)

Disability (10 charts)

Median Income (3 charts)

Mental Health (9 charts)
Taste the Data - One Bite at a Time.
North Dakota changed dramatically in the recent years. From 2010 to 2019, North Dakota’s population increased by 13 percent, became younger and more diverse. However, these changes have not been consistent across the state. Each community faces unique challenges and opportunities. It is imperative for North Dakotans to have current and reliable data and information to understand the changes in demographics and the socio-economic conditions in their own community. 

Watch this short slideshow with the most notable demographic trends in North Dakota. Check the Trends section of the website for more detail.