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December 2017 Newsletter
Article Magic. 
The Fargo-Moorhead community has and continues to experience a unique set of circumstances - steady population growth that is projected to continue, increased diversity, high proportions of adults working, low unemployment rates - all of which can be seen as an opportunity for community. As people start to move to the Fargo-Moorhead area, community and business leaders - who have invested in these new community members - would like to see people stay and call the community "home".
With the intent to make the Fargo-Moorhead community the best place on Earth to live, Joe Burgum and Simone Wain founded Folkways in 2015. Folkways founders and staff believe that culture is the magnet for talent that the community needs, because a compelling culture will instill a sense of belonging in a community and also help recruit more talent to stay, move in or back to the community. Folkways celebrates the wonders of the community by collaborating with culture creators thus crafting vibrant and welcoming platforms for people to thrive. In this article, Alexandre Cyusa, Folkways' community liaison, highlights Folkways and the associated community-building projects.
Unwrap the Data.
With 29.6 percent of adults (age 25 and older) holding at least a bachelor's degree in 2016, North Dakota was in the middle of the pack with a rank of 27 among the 50 states (rank of 1 is highest percentage). When breaking down the data by poverty status, the trend shows that there has always been a gap in educational attainment, but in 2016 the gap widened even further with a 21.7 percentage point difference.
Giving the Gift of Data.
Are you dreaming of new data this holiday season? Well, guess what?! Dreams do come true! North Dakota Compass has data goodies coming your way. Be on the lookout for shiny, new data updates to brighten up your organization in the coming months.
The updates will be available within many of the North Dakota Compass topic areas and geographic profiles thanks to the upcoming December data releases of the 5-year American Community Survey (ACS), Small Area Income and Poverty Estimates (SAIPE), and Population Estimates, which are all products of the U.S. Census Bureau.

Believe in Knowledge.
Which county has seen the largest percentage growth in population since 2010?
Glistening New Data.
North Dakota Compass updated graphs, charts, and data continue to drift in.


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