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February 2020 Newsletter
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Veterans make up a small but significant portion of our population. Stories of homeless veterans living on the streets bring attention to the challenges that veterans face when they leave the service. The prevalence of veteran suicide is beyond compelling, especially for those that have served and lost brothers and sisters in combat zones. What about the veterans who don't appear to have such a hard time returning to civilian life? Could they experience difficulties that are unique and unseen by those around them? Those closest to them?

Amy Tichy, a Clinical Mental Health Counseling Graduate Student at North Dakota State University presents specific challenges and issues faced by most veterans in an academic setting. While this article focuses on veterans at the college and university level, it underscores the hardships that all veterans face in all areas of life no matter how long ago their service ended. This article will shed light on the unique barriers, hardships, and challenges that face many individuals attempting to return to some sense of normalcy after having sacrificed so much for so many. It also shares the ways in which we can welcome and help them back.  

Data That Stands Out.
North Dakota's child population (ages 0 through 17) has changed dramatically during the past 10 years, reversing a decades-long downward trend. The current growth, which began in 2008, has brought the number of children back to levels not seen since 1990 in North Dakota.  Although the pace of growth slowed down after 2015, from 2010 to 2019 North Dakota still had the highest percentage increase of children among 50 states.

Data That Answers.
North Dakota surpassed all other states with the largest increase in median household income when compared to a decade ago (20.1% increase 2008-2018). 
What is the median household income in North Dakota in 2018?
A. $85,463
B. $74,462
C. $63,837
D. $47,169
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