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February 2017 Newsletter
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Researchers in the North Dakota State University Department of Agribusiness and Applied Economics have studied, in cooperation with the Fargo-Moorhead Area Diversion Authority, the risk and economic impact of temporarily retaining or staging floodwater on agricultural land south of the Fargo-Moorhead community when the proposed FM Diversion is operated.  In this article, Dean and David answer some questions on how the FM Diversion might affect spring planting activities for agricultural producers operating within the Diversion's staging area.
Try the Quiz.
Household income differs by household type. Which kind of households do you think had the highest median household income in 2015?

a)      Nonfamily households
b)      Married couple without children
c)      Married couple with children
Know the Trends.
In the last five years, the median household income in North Dakota has been increasing and has been trending above the national median income. However, some population groups are more vulnerable than others. 

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