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July 2019 Newsletter
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Each year, the Annie E. Casey Foundation publishes a comprehensive assessment of children's well-being in the United States. The KIDS COUNT Data Book looks at how children fare in the domains of Economic Well-Being, Education, Health, and Family and Community.  In this article, Karen Olson, the North Dakota KIDS COUNT program director, offers some insight into the 2019 Data Book, and how North Dakota ranks in regards to the well-being of children and youth.
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In 2017, obesity in North Dakota was most prevalent in middle age. Adults age 55-64 had the highest obesity rate at 38.6 percent, followed by the 35-44 age group, and the 45-54 age group. The group with the lowest obesity rate was the 18-24 age group at 21.5 percent. 

When comparing 2011 to 2017, obesity rates increased for all adult age groups The largest and most significant increase was in the youngest adult (age 18 to 24) and older adult (65 years and older) age groups.
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We updated infographics with data from the City Profiles for a number of cities. Check them out and use them in your promotional efforts. Would you like an infographic for your city? Let us know and we'll be happy to create one for you.
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North Dakota added 417,578 jobs from 2017 to 2018 (0.9% increase).  Which industry saw the largest percentage increase in the number of jobs during this time period?

a. Arts, entertainment, and recreation
b. Manufacturing
c. Transportation and warehousing

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Are you interested in evaluation? Thanks to the Bush Foundation, the MN Evaluation Association is able to provide scholarships for underrepresented evaluators and evaluation users to attend the 2019 American Evaluation Association annual conference in November, in Minneapolis. Applications are accepted until July 8, 2019.  

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