June 2021 Newsletter
Hello Summer!
Help People Shine.
Effective leaders shine brightly in their communities, ready to bring the best in them and others, dedicated to strengthening their community and the state for the future.

To enhance leadership skills in individuals across North Dakota, NDSU Extension created the Rural Leadership North Dakota (RLND) Program with the mission to prepare and develop effective leaders to strengthen rural North Dakota.

In this article, Marie Hvidsten, Rural Leadership Specialist and RLND Program Director with NDSU Extension, presents the RLND Program who proved to be life changing for adults who want to learn more about themselves, leadership, and North Dakota.

Refresh with New Information.
The COVID-19 pandemic created many challenges for families with children regarding childcare arrangements, as parents were faced with all kinds of work, safety, health, and daycare provider issues.

After more than one year, the pandemic is still posing challenges to childcare arrangements, forcing parents to balance childcare and work and ultimately adapt to ever changing situations.  According to the U.S. Census Bureau Household Pulse Survey, in late April, North Dakota households with children where children were unable to attend childcare because of the pandemic, had various impacts related to job retention or job search. In early May, most adults in households with children where children were unable to attend childcare because of the pandemic used paid leave or cut work hours to take care of children.

Beat the Heat and Explore More Data.
The Center for Social Research at NDSU continues to analyze the U.S. Census Bureau's Household Pulse Survey microdata to examine impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on North Dakota households. To visualize the results of the study regarding the impact on households who lost employment income at any time during the pandemic, North Dakota Compass created a new dashboard. The dashboard reports most impacted population groups and selected impacts of COVID-19 on North Dakota households related to financial burden, food insufficiency, housing insecurity, mental health, health care access, and post-secondary education plans.

Maximize Summer Fun with a Quiz.
The coronavirus pandemic has had a significant impact on North Dakota's economy. From 2019 to 2020, North Dakota lost jobs in all industry sectors.

Which industry was hit the hardest?

Savor New Fruits and New Data.
Taste the fruits of summer and explore all the new data available on North Dakota Compass.

Data updated in May 2021:

Disability (1 chart)
Population (13 charts)

Voter Turnout (2 charts)

Jobs (17 charts)