June 2022 Newsletter
Growing Together
Plant Good Seeds.
The North Dakota Local Food Development Alliance (NDLFA), a community of local food advocates, are joining forces to build a vibrant and prosperous local food system to support rural economic development, connect farmers to consumers, and increase access to fresh, healthy and nutritious food, for the benefit of all North Dakotans.

In this month's article, Karen Ehrens, a food and nutrition consultant and advocate, together with FARRMS' Stephanie Blumhagen and Felicity Merritt, are sharing how NDLFA is planting the seeds of North Dakota's local food system.
Grow Healthy Foods.
In 2020 obesity was most prevalent in middle aged adults. The group with the lowest obesity rate was the 18-24 age group at 21.4 percent. However, the obesity rate for this age group doubled since 2011. When comparing obesity rates from 2011 to 2020, obesity rates increased for most adult age groups, most notably for the 18-24 and 65 and older age groups. Obesity increases the likelihood of diabetes, cardiovascular disease, certain forms of cancer, hypertension, and other chronic diseases and can be prevented with a healthy diet and exercise.
Tend The Garden.
The pandemic caused most industry sectors to lose jobs between 2019 and 2020. Which of these industry sectors started to recover and had the largest percent gain in jobs in the past year (2020-2021)?
Enjoy The New Sprouts.
New data is sprouting every day. Make sure you come back often for the newest data available.

Disability (11 charts)

Population (10 charts)

Jobs (19 charts)

Air quality (9 charts)

Mental Health (2 charts)

Use The Right Tools.
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Check the website and in addition to data you'll find more resources, tools, and narrative to provide more context and facilitate understanding.