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May 2019 Newsletter
Find Your North.
JUST RELEASED!! On May 1st, North Dakota Compass launched its signature publication, 2019 Compass Points. The annual indicator report highlights notable demographic and socio-economic trends and a dashboard look at measures of progress in key topic areas in North Dakota.  The goal of this publication is to provide data and analysis to better identify and build understanding about the issues and opportunities facing the state of North Dakota.
In this month's article, Ina Cernusca, ND Compass Research Specialist, highlights the notable trends and key metrics that appear in the newly released 2019 Compass Points.

Light Your Way
The ratio of working-age individuals relative to older adults  vary considerably when broken down by county , ranging from a ratio of 1.6 in Sheridan County to 6.8 in Sioux County. Low ratios of working-age to older adults present challenges to workforce availability, retirement plans, service availability, and elder care.
Check Your Direction .
While North Dakota overall increased its population by less than one percent from 2017 to 2018, some counties increased their population by 7 percent. 

Which county saw the largest percentage increase in population?

a. Cass 

c. McKenzie

d. Stark

New Data, New Possibilities.
As North Dakota Compass continues to update more data and resources, remember to look through and use data to chart a course with new ideas, enrich discussions, and 
m ake the  most informed decisions. 


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