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New Look for a New Year

With a new year comes the perfect time for reflection and reformations. From this, many develop new goals to make the coming year the best it can be. For some, healthier eating habits and exercise are the new year's resolution, for others it is to do more for people in the community.  The great news? ND Compass  has the same mindset!
ND Compass has listened to your feedback and has created and started to carry out a plan to revamp the website to be more user-friendly, starting with the homepage. First, a bi-weekly data highlight has been added to the center of the page. This gives a quick picture of a current trend with an explanation of the data. The purpose behind this is to make the data more meaningful to you and provide context that will inspire you to take action.

Easier accessibility of our highly used sections and tools is also high on this year's goals. With that in mind, we created a new look to our Geographic Profiles section, making it easier to navigate. Furthermore, an updated map and direct links to the profiles is now located on the right side of the website's homepage. The Trends and Toolkit section links will also be joining the Geographic Profiles section on the home page within the next few months.

The articles featured on the homepage are among the most popular sections on the website. Therefore, we will continue to feature a new article every month, tying in outside researchers and organizations around our state. The new title for this section on our website will be "Featured Article". 
In addition to all of this, ND Compass is excited to announce that the new city profiles  have launched. City profiles offer a snapshot of North Dakota cities with populations of 1,000 people or more. 

New City Profiles provide local numbers for a variety of topics. The profiles pull the most recent data points across Compass topic areas into one table to provide a snapshot of important indicators for cities. In addition to measures for topics actually present on the website (i.e., demographics, aging, economy, health, housing, workforce), the profiles include new topics such as immigration (e.g., number and percentage of foreign born people) and transportation (e.g., commute time). More topics and data will be added to these profiles in the near future.


With everything new going on this coming year, make ND Compass the place to go for all of your data and decision-making needs!

Featured Article
Zoom in on North Dakota Compass - Your City at a Glance!

Read about the launch of the all-new City Profiles, a great addition to the already popular geographic profiles! The profiles pull the most recent data points across Compass topic areas into one table to provide a data snapshot of North Dakota cities.

2016 State Legislative District Profiles are Here!
North Dakota Compass teamed up with  North Dakota KIDS COUNT  to create demographic and socio-economic profiles for the 2013-2022 North Dakota State Legislative Districts. The profiles highlight 16 measures focusing on population, household, social, and economic characteristics for each of the 47 districts in North Dakota. Each profile compares district information with North Dakota and the United States.

Updated Data!
Many charts have been updated within the following topics and key measures:

  • Disability (9 charts)
  • Volunteerism (3 charts)
  • Population Trends (15 charts)
  • Volunteerism (10 charts)
  • Voter Turnout (11 charts)
  • Population (15 charts)
  • Age (12 charts)
  • Race (10 charts)
  • Disability (9 charts)
  • Low Birth Weight (all charts)
  • Preschool Enrollment (5 charts)
  • Children with Working Parents (12 charts)
  • Jobs (4 charts)
  • Median Income (10 charts)
  • Poverty (8 charts)
  • Cost-burdened Households (7 charts)
  • Homeownership Rate (10 charts)
  • Educational Attainment (all charts)