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October 2018 Newsletter
Fielding  Your Volunteer Team. 
"Who is going to coach youth softball next summer? Who can we find to help with the community fall festival? How do we find volunteers for our faith community events, 4-H club, Scouts?" As community members, we all have heard or have asked these questions in our rural and urban areas across North Dakota. Volunteers are vital to any community, so what are the strategies we can use to encourage our North Dakota citizens to volunteer?

Inform your volunteer game plan and recruitment by reading this month's article written by Rachelle Vettern, PhD, Associate Professor and the Leadership and Volunteer Development Specialist for North Dakota State University Extension. The article shares results from a research study about engaging people from a variety of generations in volunteer work.

Take A Shot.
The median household income is the amount that divides the income distribution into two equal groups, half having income above that amount, and half having income below that amount

Based on data collected from 2012 to 2016, which of the following cities had the 
highest median household income 
Leading The Pack.
North Dakota ranks 1st in the nation for the share of cost-burdened households, but the burden increases as household income lowers.  The lower the household income, the higher the housing cost burden  for renters and homeowners alike. When incomes are extremely low, the majority of both renters and homeowners experience housing cost burdens.

Showcase Your Hard Work.
Are you looking for a way to share information on your organization or research? Each month ND Compass features an article that covers a wide variety of North Dakota specific content from research highlights to local and state-wide initiatives, programs, and services. 
The purpose of the articles is to inform and engage people throughout North Dakota; increase awareness of organizations or programs; highlight research efforts; and/or interpret data and important trends.
This is a great way to highlight and disseminate ideas and results!  Consider writing a featured article for ND Compass and let others in the community know about the good work that you're doing or what you've learned. Contact ND Compass staff to find out more or to suggest a topic.

Catch the New Data.
Inform your game plan with the newest data available! 

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