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September 2019 Newsletter
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"Fargo, and North Dakota generally, has a dynamic entrepreneurial ecosystem. While we celebrate entrepreneurs, not enough has been done to prepare them to start. That's why it's time for NDSU to get involved and get connected with the community and the state"

Scott Meyer, the Ozbun Executive Director of Entrepreneurship at NDSU, fosters connections on campus and in the community that will help develop NDSU's entrepreneurship program and support North Dakota's entrepreneurial ecosystem. In this article, Scott shares three beliefs about entrepreneurship and how they guide his work.
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Out of all racial and ethnic groups, American Indian students achieved the largest increase in the on-time graduation rate. While a little over one in two (57%) American Indian students graduated on time in North Dakota in 2008, almost three in four (72%) graduated on time in 2018, a 15 percentage point increase in a 10-year period. In addition, two out of three Hispanic students graduated on time (66%) in 2008, compared to three out of four (75%) in 2018.
Back To School Must Haves!
Do you know the median age in your state legislative district? Do you know that among the 47 legislative districts in North Dakota the median age ranges from 21.9 years to 49.0 years? Which district is the youngest? Which is the oldest? Find out this and much more by exploring the interactive maps for all districts.
A Pop Quiz, Already?
Births are one of the drivers of population growth. 
How many babies were born in North Dakota in 2017?
  a. 8,937
  b. 11,359
  c. 10,732
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