Back-to-School Edition
September 2018 Newsletter
Learn Something New. 
From serving on a church council to running for a seat in the North Dakota House of Representatives, community survival is dependent upon citizens who are willing to raise their hand and volunteer to serve in some kind of leadership capacity. Through programs offered by North Dakota State University Extension, citizens are learning the necessary skills to feel confident serving their communities, state and country. In this month's featured article, Jodi Bruns, NDSU Extension L eadership and Civic Engagement Specialist , highlights Extension Leadership and Civic Engagement programing and services and emphasizes the importance of these education programs to communities throughout North Dakota.

Fill Your Data Locker.
Statewide, low birth-weight babies (babies born weighing less than 5 pounds, 8 ounces) 
represented 6.7 percent of all live births in 2017. However, recent data continue to show differences in rates of babies born with low birth weights among North Dakota's counties. For instance, Adams County had the lowest rate of babies born with a low weight at 1.7 percent and Pierce County had the highest rate of 14.0 percent in 2017.

Get Involved.
School is more fun when you get involved and join in activities. Think about becoming part of a research team and/or sign up to take part in an upcoming Impact Summit. 

 Job Opportunity: The Center for Social Research at North Dakota State University in Fargo, ND is searching for a Research Specialist to conduct interdisciplinary applied research.  See the job posting details! 

If you work with community indicators or use data to improve your community you will find great value in this Summit's presentationsIna Cernusca, our ND Compass team member, will be a panelist for the 'Measuring impact: Findings and lessons from an evaluation of three indicator projects' session. Come and  learn from sessions like this and many others.  
Pop Quiz.
Some 5-year olds in North Dakota recently had their first ever day of school. Starting kindergarten is an important milestone for a child, as it marks the start of a school career. 

Do you know about how many 5-year olds are in North Dakota?  
School Supplies.
It's that time of year again, Back-to-School! 
Like the first days of school, it's great to get to know new friends and see old ones as well - so do the same with North Dakota Compass' data and information -  Get to know North Dakota and explore the website and the new data available. 

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