Governor Doug Burgum Issues Executive Order Restricting On-Site Dining and Recreational Facilities

Today Governor Doug Burgum issued an executive order closing bars and restaurants to on-sale and on-site patrons.  The order takes effect at 12:00 PM on Friday, March 20th and continues through Monday, April 6th.

It is important to note that take-out, curbside, drive-through, delivery, and off-sale services are still encouraged during this period.  The Governor was purposeful in his messaging that the continued operation of these services is important to both the industry and the communities we serve.

These developments reflect a very fluid environment, and the North Dakota Hospitality Association continues to actively engage with key policymakers on your behalf.  We will continue to keep you updated on our advocacy with the Governor's Office and the ND Insurance Commission as the situation continues to evolve.

For general information on COVID-19 and containing its spread, including resources for the public, parents and students, and businesses, visit the ND Department of Health.

For information specific to businesses and employers, including financial, labor, insurance, and tax resources, visit the ND Department of Commerce.

National Restaurant Association Action Alert

Our partners at the National Restaurant Association urgently request your help to urge congress to take immediate action to support our industry.  If you operate a restaurant, your NDHA membership includes membership in the National Restaurant Association.  

Congress is looking to pass a broad economic rescue package that the Trump administration estimates will be around $1.3 trillion.  We need your help to ensure restaurant relief is properly addressed in this package. 
Economic forecasts indicate restaurants and the foodservice industry could sustain $225 billion in losses and eliminate 5-7 million jobs over the next three months. By taking action, you will tell your personalized story about how this has negatively impacted you, your employees, and your industry and call on President Trump and Congress for their support of the National Restaurant Association restaurant recovery plan.  This plan provides direct and targeted relief designed to benefit restaurant and foodservice businesses of every size in every corner of the country. 
It will provide:
   * direct relief from a new restaurant recovery fund
   * community grants for disaster relief assistance
   * guaranteed loans and business interruption insurance
   * lost revenue coverage from the government
   * expand access to efficient and affordable loans
   * special disaster unemployment assistance for workers
   * tax breaks to help your cash flow
   * a fix to the QIP tax glitch
   * and more

Please take a few moments to participate in this vital grassroots mobilization effort. We need Congress to act - and act fast.

IRS Extends Tax Payment Deadline

In response to the cash flow difficulties faced by many individuals and businesses caused by COVID-19, this afternoon the IRS released Notice 2020-17 which extends the Federal tax payment deadline from April 15 to July 15. However, the filing deadline was not extended and as of today tax returns are still required to be filed or extended by April 15.  States will need to enact separate rules to extend payment due dates.

Detailed information on the extension of this deadline can be found here.

Have a Suggestion for Us?

The ND Hospitality Association exists to serve our members. Do you have an opinion on a piece of legislation we're watching?  Did you read about something in the news you think we should be weighing in on?  Do you have a local issue you'd like some help with?

Please feel free to contact our Executive Director, Rudie Martinson, at any time with your questions or suggestions.  He can be reached via phone at (701) 527-7692 or by email at
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