Governor Doug Burgum Issues Executive Order Easing Access to Unemployment Insurance

Today Governor Doug Burgum issued an executive order aimed at easing access to Unemployment Insurance for employees effected by the COVID-19 outbreak

The order enacts immediate changes to the unemployment insurance process, and focuses on three key areas:
  • Expanding  eligibility
  • Making it easier for workers to file claims
  • Allowing payments to be issued more quickly
The Governor noted the state saw a sharp rise in unemployment claims this week, with 600 claims filed Wednesday and 1,600 claims filed Thursday.  By comparison, 418 claims were filed in all of last week.

More information on unemployment benefits, as well as the online filing process for benefits, can be found at Job Service North Dakota.

For general information on COVID-19 and containing its spread, including resources for the public, parents and students, and businesses, visit the ND Department of Health.

For information specific to businesses and employers, including financial, labor, insurance, and tax resources, visit the ND Department of Commerce.


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