Summers are short in New England, so you want to make the best of the time. Outdoor living space is one way to do this! These areas can be as simple as a patio or as complex as a patio, pool, pool house, hot tub, gazebo, outdoor kitchen, fire pit or pizza oven. Most people are familiar with outdoor lighting to both highlight certain aspects of the landscape or for safety to navigate around the features of your landscape and make it more appealing to use.

Having an audio system can also go a long way to making your outdoor living space more relaxing and user friendly.While outdoor sound systems are themselves not that new, the upgrades available for them are worth talking about. The outdoor speakers are high performance but discreet and compact, yet still deliver a professional level of clear, consistent sound. You get a 110 degree wide dispersion zone of sound and you can also control vertical coverage up to 60 degrees from the horizontal.

The control system we currently are using, Sonos, is cutting edge! You can have up to four zones on a system so the kids can have their music over by the pool and you and your friends can have your music or podcast playing or listen to that audio book while making dinner in your outdoor kitchen. It is all controlled through a smartphone app but also works with Alexa, either what you already have or through the built in system. The app lets you connect all of your streaming services and play them through any or all of the zones. The streaming is through your Wi-Fi, not your phone so there are no interruptions due to phone calls or texts coming to your phone.