Ticks & Mosquitoes coming to a Home Near You!!

The exploding deer population in our area has led to an explosion in ticks and you know it wouldn't be summer in New England without mosquitoes . The diseases these pests carry can be devastating to the more vulnerable members of the family like the very you and the elderly.
You don't have to let these pest limit your enjoyment of the outdoors, however. The best way to control ticks is with a monthly perimeter treatment of your property to a height of about 18 inches and out to 6-10 feet into the wood line if you have one. We can also treat out to , and slightly beyond, an electric dog fence in wooded areas to help keep ticks off your dog.
Treating for mosquitoes involves treating up into the canopy of the trees in the wood line and planting beds and into the shrubs around your property where mosquitoes seek shelter from the hear of the day. Shaded areas of the lawn are also treated as they will also rest in turf.

In all treatments, care is taken to avoid plants that are in flower to protect our precious pollinators.

If you have kids or pets and want to help keep ticks off of them or want to enjoy your outdoor living space but mosquitoes chase you in, give us a call and our sister company, Grassmaster Plus, will be happy to give you a quote for tick, mosquito or tick and mosquito control programs.
Classic Care- Find Gardening at it's Best!
At ND Landscape, we know that life is busy. There is barely enough time to stop and smell the flowers, much less weed, deadhead and prune them. We also know that proper landscape maintenance increases the value of your home. With more than 30 years of service behind us and a team of horticultural specialists, we are the best choice for your gardening needs.
Classic Care provides a personal approach to your gardening needs. Optimal care and maintenance are provided by prioritizing which tasks are done at each of your visits according to the needs of your property. Some of the services included are pruning, weed control, deadheading, perennial division and transplanting, and preparing your beds for winter.

Depending on the size and complexity of your site, and the level of detail you require, we will customize your program bi-weekly or weekly. Our visits start in April and continue into November, so it's not too late to get signed up! Call our office today to receive an estimate
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