July 2018 Newsletter
Summer is well and truly upon us. Your shrubs may just now be recovering from winter deer browse damage, and they may now be feasting on your perennials. Check out some information and tips below on how we can help you with that. 

Summertime is pool time, too! Maybe it’s time for you to add a cabana to your landscape to help get full enjoyment out of your pool this year and for years to come.
Defeating Deer
There are, however, an extensive variety of plants on which deer are less likely to browse. Some of the more common ones you might be familiar with include boxwood, American holly, Andromeda, Daphne, butterfly bush, Caryopteris (blue mist shrub), liriope, certain daylilies, coneflower and lavender. There is even a variety of western arborvitae, Green Giant, which deer do not particularly care to browse. If you have some of these susceptible plants and would like to upgrade your plant palate, contact our office. Upon consultation with one of our client managers, our Enhancement Division crews can turn your deer smorgasbord into a landscape of beautiful robust deer resistant plants that will last for years to come.
Without a doubt, one of the biggest plant-pests in New England has to be Bambi and his friends. This crew of four-footed fiends can devastate a landscape, sometimes seemingly overnight! They will make short work of plants like blue holly, arborvitae, yews, Hosta, and Rhododendrons - just to name a few. Unfortunately, these varieties are some of the most commonly used plants in area landscapes. 
Pictured Above: Caryopteris (Blue Mist Shrub)
Pictured Above: Liriope

Pictured Left: Shaped Boxwoods
Anchor Your Landscape
with a New Structure
Earlier in the year we introduced you to a large design / build project that our Construction Division had worked on over the winter. That specific project included a pool house and a cabana that were connected via a pergola. 

A cabana is a lightweight structure that typically contains one or several outdoor living essentials. It may or may not have walls; but if it does, it will usually open onto a pool. For a more tropical feel, curtains or mosquito netting may be hung around it to help keep pests at bay. What goes in your cabana depends on what role you want it to play in your outdoor living space. An outdoor kitchen can be added, as it was on the project in New Hampshire, or it can simply have outdoor furniture to lounge around the pool while offering a refuge if you have overindulged in the hot summer sun. To extend the use of the cabana after dark, arrange that furniture around a fire pit or perhaps an outdoor television.  
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