Spring is rapidly approaching and we are looking forward to another great season. Below, you'll see a couple of the options our Construction and Enhancement Divisions can do for your property - and don't forget about your lawn! Start the season off on the right foot with a fertilization program as well as crabgrass and grub control.
Curb Appeal 101
Increasing the curb appeal of your home doesn't have to mean a major upheaval to your lifestyle or your bank book. Curb appeal isn't only about how your house looks from the street, but also about the experience while making your way from the street to the front door.

One of the simplest ways to increase the curb appeal of your home is with symmetry. Balanced plantings on either side of the door are very pleasing to the eye. Structural features on the house can also be incorporated such as pillars, sconces, and even container plantings on the porch.

Overgrown shrubs along the walkway can be dangerous due to blocking light and also the view of the front door, making the home much less inviting. Replacing those with new shrubs can give you fresh, clean lines from the bed edges. Or consider a perennial border than can soften the hard edges of a walkway and brighten up the area with colorful flowers and foliage. If you would like to update your curb appeal, give us a call and one of our client managers will be happy to help you and get our Enhancement Division on the job for you.
The Outdoor Kitchen Revisited
Earlier this year, we spotlighted a fully-equipped outdoor kitchen on a large project we've been working on in New Hampshire. An outdoor kitchen can be one of the main focal points of a well-designed outdoor living space. The included amenities can be easily customized to your individual interests to make summers outside more convenient and enjoyable for all involved!

A grill is often the centerpiece of an outdoor kitchen. The exact features of this can be customized to the individual client's needs. A side burner is often included. This can be large enough to accommodate a wok; or, since we are in New England, a pot big enough for lobsters or enough steamers to serve a crowd! A refrigerator, possibly more than one, can be included as well. For those who'd like to serve up their own brew, we also are able to have a "kegerator" installed. Single, dual, and triple faucet options are available. Pantry storage or a concealed wastebasket can also be built in. A sink, a warming drawer for plates, an ice maker, freezer and wine cooler are just some of the additional features that are available to be included in an outdoor kitchen. If your kitchen is in a structure like a cabana, you wouldn't need outdoor umbrellas, but if yours is out in the sun near the poor, you can get built-in umbrella holders to give you and your company shade while cooking and eating outdoors.
Keep the Grass Green and Pests at Bay
with Grassmaster Plus
A green, weed-free lawn is often the foundation of a well-maintained landscape.

Timely application of fertilizer is vital to the long-term health of your lawn. A crabgrass prevention application in the spring reduces the incidence of this notorious weed. Unchecked, this weed can shade out desired grasses and out-compete them for water. Grubs of various beetles can also cause serious damage to your lawn. We use a product (that is extremely bee friendly) to control grubs without the concerns brought about by some of the other products on the market. A maintenance lime application is also included in our lawn care to help keep the pH of your soil in the range most beneficial to grasses so that their growth potential can be maximized. If you do not have your lawn on a fertilization program, contact our sister company, Grassmaster Plus, and take the first step in getting your lawn looking its best!
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