New Ownership for the Omaha Carrier Hotel – The management team at NDC has partnered with News Press Gazette (NPG) to acquire the Omaha carrier hotel (click here for a link to the press release)The transaction officially closed on November 1, 2018 and work is underway to transition the marketing brand and operational processes. The name for the Omaha location has changed to 1623 Farnam, LLC. Future newsletters will be sent from that company and email domain. 

For those wondering why the Lincoln location was not included in the sale… general, the carrier hotel in Omaha has a distinct market and ultimately a responsibility to the online community to building the features and value of the regional carrier hotel. The ability to focus on expanding access to high capacity fiber networks, localized or centrally located content, and streamlined cloud access pathways will provide our customers, the city of Omaha and the national market with a highly strategic interconnection site.
The Lincoln facility, located within the Sharp building has high value as a regional and statewide colocation center. It is designed to provide critical infrastructure services for enterprise and small/medium size businesses. Ultimately, the two markets are different and separating the two facilities will allow both to reach their potential and meet the specific needs of their customers. The Lincoln facility will continue to be managed as before and will remain “tethered” to the carrier hotel to provide access to expanded connectivity as well as convenient disaster recovery options. If you have questions or concerns, please call our office.