January 2018
Happy New Year from the NDCRC team at JPO!  I wanted to take the opportunity to provide you with a look at upcoming resources from NDCRC. One of the biggest challenges facing our country recently is the opioid crisis. We believe the treatment court field can offer solutions to this public health emergency and we have created a host of resources for you to address opioid abuse in your jurisdictions. Next week, we are hosting a webinar examining federal and local strategies to the crisis and the next series of our podcast, On the Docket with NDCRC , will address key topics in opioid addiction treatment. Our dedicated Opioid Use Disorder Resource Page on our website will be continually updated throughout the year with fact sheets, online training opportunities, and relevant federal policy updates as they relate to the current national public health emergency.
The opioid crisis and the pursuit of criminal justice reform continue to impact new legislation at the state and federal levels. It is important for drug court professionals to stay informed of proposed and enacted legislation that could have a significant impact on their programs so we are launching a tool, powered by LexisNexis, to track legislation related to the drug court field. In addition to legislative tools, we will provide you with drug court survey data and academic literature reviews. As an academic entity, we know the unique importance of independent coverage of drug court research findings and trends. This year we will be releasing the 2017 annual drug court survey report and will administer the 2018 annual drug court survey, and the drug court literature review, featuring veterans treatment courts. Along with continuing our interactive Rural Drug Court Listserve , we are also launching the Veterans’ Justice and Mental Health Newsletter which aims to inform policy, practice, and scholarship through the dissemination of current resources, news, and opportunities regarding veterans treatment court related research and practice to better serve those who serve us. 
All this work is a reflection of our strong relationships with national, state, and local partners and their dedication to combating substance use. I thank them for their collaboration and we look forward to our continued work in the new year. 

Best wishes,

Preeti P. Menon
Senior Associate Director
Project Director, National Drug Court Resource Center
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A Spotlight on Our Resources
NDCRC debuted many new projects in 2017, and we are continually updating our library of resources. Check out some of the things you may have missed or would like to revisit!

On the Docket with the National Drug Court Resource Center  is our podcast series that explores problem-solving courts working to address substance use, mental health, and co-occurring disorders within the criminal justice system.   

Our database of the nation's drug courts powers an interactive, searchable online map. Users can download the entire database or search within particular parameters.

Our Resource Library equips practitioners with a myriad of drug court resources, including sample operational forms, publications, and case law. All resources in the library are searchable by topic!

The Opioid Use Disorder Resource Page provides practitioners with fact sheets, online training opportunities, and relevant federal policy updates as they relate to the current national public health emergency.
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