November 2017
Celebrating Veterans Day and Veterans Treatment Courts

This Saturday, Veterans Day, is a time to recognize all those who have served in the armed forces. At the National Drug Court Resource Center, we are taking this time to highlight how treatment courts provide justice to those who fought to defend our freedom.

Veterans treatment courts, a relatively new type of treatment court, are designed to serve veterans facing criminal charges through structure, treatment, and mentoring. The courts often imitate the rituals of the military and connect veterans to services available to them through the VA. 

In 2016, American University’s Justice Programs Office published a report detailing the most predominate features of VTC programs and the implementation of VTCs in a wide range of jurisdictions. The full report is available on the NDCRC website.
New On the Docket with the National Drug Court Resource Center

Have you been following On the Docket with NDCRC? The three-part series explores the fundamentals of family treatment courts, innovations in the field, and their powerful impact on individuals.

In the final episode of On the Docket , we meet with Teresa Anderson-Harper, a graduate of the King County Family Treatment Court. Teresa shares her experience as a participant in this program and offers advice to practitioners working in the family treatment court setting and to families looking for help. Teresa also shared with us that she maintains a special connection to this program.

Episodes are available in the   iTunes Podcast Store. For more information, visit the NDCRC website.
New Webinar Series by the Family Drug Court Learning Academy

The National Family Drug Court Training and Technical Assistance Program is launching a new webinar series in 2018. The series will explore hot topics in the field, contemporary approaches, and practice-based lessons from FDC practitioners. The series will include pre-recorded webinars; live, follow-up discussions; and actionable items to advance your FDC. Registration is coming soon! To learn more, click here .
Engaging Work with the Juvenile Drug Treatment Court Initiative

As part of the Juvenile Drug Treatment Court Training and Technical Assistance (JDTC TTA) Initiative's mission to provide training and technical assistance to juvenile drug court practitioners, JDTC TTA staff members attend professional conferences to educate and engage with the juvenile justice field. This month Anna Koozmin and Zoë Root presented at the Ohio Annual Specialized Dockets Conference in Columbus, Ohio, and the Washington State Juvenile Drug Court Conference in Seattle, Washington, respectively. 

Anna's presentation on behalf of JDTC TTA induced a lively and interactive discussion with Ohio JDTCs about the JDTC Guidelines . Teams discussed goals and action steps they could take to implement each guideline. Zoë also led a reflection on each set of Guidelines , grouped by objective, with the JDTC teams in Washington. 

The JDTC TTA team is a great resource for practitioners seeking technical assistance. To learn more about their work visit  
The  National Drug Court Resource, Policy, and Evidence-Based Practice Center , funded by the Bureau of Justice Assistance and operated by the Justice Programs Office (JPO) at American University, strives to provide practitioners and professionals working in the drug court field with current resources and upcoming events.  Please email with any inquiries.