NDEO's Birthday Fundraiser
to Support Scholarships for Dance Teachers

In 2021, we are offering 14 professional development scholarships to deserving teachers! Your donation today, in honor of NDEO's Birthday, will help us increase that amount in 2022. We are accepting donations from March 1 to 14th.

NDEO was voted into existence on March 6, 1998. To celebrate our "birthday", we've launched a campaign to raise $5,000 which will support professional development scholarships for Dance Teachers. Your contribution will make an impact! Whether you donate $50 or $500, every little bit helps us get one step closer to increasing the number of scholarships we can offer next year.

To mark the occasion, we have designated NDEO’s Birthday, March 6th, as a Day of Giving in support of Scholarships for Dance Teachers.

We are accepting donations until March 14th through Facebook or directly on our website.
2020 PD Scholarship Recipient: Chefiatou Tokou
2019 PD Scholarship Recipient: Diana Barrios
2020 PD Scholarship Recipient:
Britta Devitt

The National Dance Education Organization Professional Development Scholarship came at a pivotal point in my life. As a mom of five children (ages 10 and under) who had been teaching dance in my community for the last fifteen years I was trying to go back to my roots. For me teaching dance has always been about the gift that dance gives to the community. The joy of children learning their voice as dancers, creators and artists. To be given the tools to move and to create. And most importantly accessibility in the arts across income barriers. I found and applied for this scholarship at a time where I was feeling discouraged and searching for inspiration and knowledge to propel me as a dance educator. Since earning this scholarship I was able to attend the Virtual National Dance Education Conference where I learned about teaching dance through empathy. I learned new tools to teach children folk dance, how to help kids connect through choreography, how to assess or not assess kids as they are learning dance and so much more. It was comforting and stretching as I got to be in the seat of the student to learn and soak up new ideas. In the spring I will be taking a class with NDEO's OPDI institute to learn skills to better serve dancers with disabilities. I currently teach over 400 students at an elementary school in Florida and feel very blessed for this scholarship to help me grow as a Dance Educator in a time where life is challenging yet the arts remain a gift for all.
We often hear stories like Chefiatou's, Diana's, and Britta’s from dance educators who have gone on similar journeys of self-discovery and have had those “ah-ha” moments while participating in one of our programs. These moments, these educators, and their ability to share increased expertise with the young dancers of today – they are the reason NDEO exists. And they are the reason we need your support. 
3 Ways to Donate to Scholarships

Please help us celebrate all of the incredible dance educators and our Birthday, by making a donation to support Scholarships in one of 3 ways.

1) Donate directly on the NDEO Website at www.ndeo.org/birthday

3) Mail in a Check payable to NDEO and designate it for the NDEO Birthday Fund.
Send it to NDEO, 8609 2nd Avenue, Suite 203-B, Silver Spring, MD 21029.

Thank you for your support of NDEO and the field of Dance Education!
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Birthday Photo by Cynthia Clayton. Courtesy of Legacy Dance Company.