February 14, 2017 - In This Issue:

2017 Regulatory Compliance Seminar
ND Grain Dealers Association has teamed up with National Grain and Feed Association (NGFA) to host the Regulatory Compliance Seminar on March 15th. The seminar will address OSHA, FDA and EPA issues that impact the grain, feed and processing industry. 

One section of the seminar will address implementing a safety and health management plan to comply with OSHA standards and issues for employees. 

An idea of the seminar agenda is below.

U.S. Drought Monitor

During the past week, temperatures were above normal across much of the conterminous U.S. with the exception of the northern Plains and much of the Pacific Northwest. More specifically in the Midwest, temperatures were above the normal average. During the past week, the Midwest was generally dry with light precipitation observed in Northern Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Ohio. Looking ahead, below-normal precipitation is forecasted for the northern Plains and the Midwest.


Illinois sees Record-Breaking Wheat Harvest in 2016

2016 was a record year for wheat farmers across the state of Illinois. Many are looking forward to 2017 and seeing if it will be able to set another record. 

Take a look at the record breaking numbers, on average, 74 bushels per acre were produced. This is up from 67 bushels in 2013 and 2014,k Agrinews stated. 

"Illinois is a great processing state when it comes to using up the commodities that farmers produce, so it means a bountiful supply of excellent quality product," said Jim Fraley, executive director at the Illinois Wheat Association. 

Soybeans Continue to Rival Corn Ahead of Planting

With spring right around the corner, competition between corn and soybean acres is heating up - and soybeans could be the favorite for many growers. 

The U.S. Department of Agriculture estimated that soybean exports from the United States for 2016-2017 marketing year would be a a record 2.05 billion bushels. 

Carl Zulauf, a professor with Ohio State University, said soybean demand is growing around the world. 

While demand for beans is strong, all commodities continue to face tighter profit margins, explain Zulauf. Corn yield continues to increase more than 2 percent a year. The U.S. average yield is 174.6 bushels per acre in 2016. 

Overall, the industry needs to be able to stay realistic with what is happening and be willing to adapt to changes.