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President's Message
Brianna Engeseth
Where can I start but with gratitude? I am grateful for the opportunity to serve as your 2018-2019 North Dakota HFMA Chapter President, grateful to work alongside the incredible volunteers that make the North Dakota chapter the outstanding chapter it is and grateful to each one of our members and vendor partners for making our educational events one of a kind. It has been such a joy to be part of the North Dakota chapter over the past six years – this chapter truly is like family! We are a small enough chapter that we have the privilege of getting to know our members but big enough that we can offer outstanding educational events. This year will be no exception to that. Your Board of Directors has been hard at work planning out the coming year and we think it will be great!

The educational events will follow a similar cadence to last year’s – with monthly regional webinars available to you, HFMA sessions at the NDHA Convention in October, our Annual Institute in February (and of course the famous Casino Night), Concordia Healthcare Spring Institute in March and our INSPIRE Women’s Conference in May. We have some new events that we’ll be trying out this year as well so stay tuned as we iron out the details for those. We will be posting all events to our North Dakota HFMA Chapter website and be including the dates in our newsletter publications. We will continue to send out email communication as well to keep you as up to date as possible.

Back by popular demand, we will also be creating a new Membership Directory so you can continue to network and connect with your HFMA colleagues outside of our scheduled events. Creating a directory was feedback we received from our members so please know that we do review your feedback and strive to make this chapter the best it can be. Your Board of Directors and I welcome your feedback throughout the year and look forward to seeing you at our various events!

Our 2018-2019 HFMA National Chair, Kevin Brennan, has chosen “Imagine Tomorrow” as this year’s national theme. He elaborates: “With so many challenges facing us in the healthcare industry and HFMA, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. The good news is we’re more than capable of addressing the challenges, achieving our goals, and realizing the full potential of the Triple Aim. We already have the necessary knowledge and skills, but it also takes confidence, optimism, and a belief that we can do even more by working together. Most importantly, we must tap into our imaginations.” Just imagine what tomorrow will bring for healthcare and HFMA!

A successful HFMA chapter needs three key pieces – dedicated leadership, supportive vendor partners and a solid foundation of members. I am pleased to say we have all three here in North Dakota. A big thank you to our Board of Directors and leaders who give of their time to serve the chapter and to our vendor partners who financially support our chapter. Please take the time to support and thank these individuals and businesses. Thank you for the part you play in making the North Dakota Chapter of HFMA the outstanding chapter it is!

Brianna Engeseth
President, 2018-2019 North Dakota Chapter of HFMA
Dwight Thompson Retires

Honored with ND Chapter Life Membership!

In honor of his outstanding chapter achievements over the years, the ND HFMA Board of Directors voted to present the Chapter Life Membership to Dwight Thompson. Dwight has been an active volunteer, exemplifying long standing leadership for both the local North Dakota chapter and national HFMA levels. The following are some of his leadership roles and service recognitions:

  • 1991 – ND HFMA Outstanding Member
  • 1993-1994 – Served as ND HFMA Chapter President
  • 1994 – Attained Muncie Gold Merit Award
  • 1996-1997 – Served as HFMA Chapter Liaison Representative
  • 1998 – Conferred with the HFMA Medal of Honor
  • 1997-1999 – Served on the National HFMA Board of Directors

We wish Dwight all the best in his retirement and thank him for his dedication to the ND Chapter!
Jessica Aasen
Eide Bailly
(701) 239-8660

Scott Braun
Eide Bailly
Senior Manager
(701) 239-8599

Chad M Flanagan
Eide Bailly
(701) 239-8587

Julie Leake
Altru Health Systems
Financial Mgmt Analyst
Grand Forks
(701) 780-5725

Melissa Okerson
Eide Bailly
(701) 476-8309

Sam G Olson
Eide Bailly
Senior Associate
(701) 239-8644

Tyler D Pederson
Eide Bailly
(701) 239-8577

Susan Roehl
Eide Bailly
(701) 476-8770

Jana M Smith
Eide Bailly
Senior Associate
(701) 476-8774

Joleen Waldbillig
Eide Bailly
Senior Associate
(701) 476-8365
NDHA Annual Conference
     October 9 – 11, 2018

NDHFMA Annual Institute
     February 20 – 22, 2019

Concordia Spring Institute
    March 28 – 29, 2019
   Moorhead, MN

3rd Annual INSPIRE
   Women’s Conference
   May 2019
   Moorhead, MN

See for additional educational opportunities such as webinars and virtual conferences.
For more information or if you have suggestions for conference topics, please email Ashley J. Brandt-Duda at
Jamestown Regional Medical Center
Winner of 2018 CAH HFMA map Award!!

Jamestown Regional Medical Center received recognition as an Adopter of the Healthcare Financial Management Association's Patient Financial Communications Best Practices. As a Best Practices Adopter, Jamestown Regional Medical Center demonstrated that it follows nearly 100 best practices regarding financial interactions that take place in a variety of care settings.

JRMC financial counselors work with patients before their procedures to make sure they have coverage, said Alison Kennison, JRMC patient access manager. Insurance specialists work behind the scenes to ensure patients' plans cover these procedures.

"Our team advocates for the patient," Kennison said. "If the claim is denied, we work with the insurance company so the patient doesn't experience financial hardship. Education and communication are the keys to being THE difference for our patients."

The acknowledgement as a Best Practices Adopter recognizes JRMC as a whole and especially the 50 or so individuals who work in the following departments: health information management, patient access management and patient financial services.

"In a time when patients are paying more out-of-pocket for their health care, the financial conversations we have with patients have never been more important," said K.C. DeBoer, JRMC president and CEO. "We have taken steps to ensure patients are treated with compassion and respect, and this recognition confirms that."

JRMC joins a select group of hospitals, health systems and physician practices that have received this first-of-its-kind, national recognition. Nationwide, 22 organizations received the award. Of the 22, JRMC was one of only two critical access hospitals.

"When people are dealing with health issues, they should be focusing on their health, not trying to decipher confusing financial information," said Joseph J. Fifer, HFMA president and CEO, in learning of the award. "Jamestown Regional Medical Center has demonstrated its commitment to ensuring patients have a good experience when it comes to the financial aspects of their care."

A blue-ribbon task force developed these best practices to help improve communication between health care providers and consumers about financial matters. The task force included representatives from major industry groups, including the American Hospital Association, America's Health Insurance Plans, the American Academy of Family Physicians and the National Patient Advocate Foundation, among others. The best practices are part of HFMA's Healthcare Dollars & Sense initiative. More information is available at

HFMA Region 8 Update
Hello HFMA Region 8 Members! 
I hope your summer went well. It’s hard to believe we are well underway with our HFMA year. Your leadership team continues to be busy planning and developing strategies to provide outstanding service and value to you. 
We recently held the sixth annual Region 8 HFMA MidAmerica Summer Institute. The conference was held in Kansas City and was a nice success. This year’s speakers and education was outstanding! Congratulations to Darren Osten, Program Chair from Seim Johnson and his committee for putting on such a strong educational event. The networking events included a fun night of bowling and games as well as a night at the Kansas City Royals vs. Chicago Cubs baseball game. Both nights were a great hit and a lot of fun! Congratulations to Chad Tysdahl, Networking/Event Chair from BKD and his committee for all the fun!! I would also like to recognize Devon Kim, Jackie Hinderks, Jennifer Ogden, Andrea Lindsay, John Travis, Deanna Gray, Mary Jonscher, Sarah Strydom, Kyle Lee, Randy Hoffman and Amy Richter for all their work to make the conference a success. 

We have already started planning for the seventh annual Region 8 HFMA MidAmerica Summer Institute which will be held in Kansas City again. Details and a “save the date” will be coming your way shortly. We have enlisted DeMarse Meetings & Events to help with the planning and execution of the conference. DeMarse Meetings is a full-service meeting management agency specializing in special events, meetings, and conferences, to help us manage the day-to-day operations. DeMarse has been very successful in helping other regions and chapters manage their events. We are excited to partner with them and look forward to another successful event.

This year, every chapter across the country is rolling out their new “Success Plans”. The chapter Success Plan is designed to provide a tool that will help chapters focus on key elements driving success. It will provide an overview of performance and service delivery to HFMA members. The leadership team is orchestrating the Success Plan process and submitted their plans on August 15. Some of the key areas that the chapters will focus on include; education (quality and quantity), networking, membership (growth and satisfaction), and innovation. Chapters also have the option to include other areas to focus on such as certification, succession planning, collaboration (with other organizations), and the implementation of Cvent. The work that the chapters are doing around this will also benefit the members to continue to increase value.
As always, please let your HFMA leadership team know if there is anything we can do to help.

Chris Vairo
HFMA Region 8 Regional Executive

Dear Association,
Noridian’s Medicare Part A Provider Outreach and Education Department is providing your Association with our latest news and updates. Noridian and CMS look to Associations to help by forwarding the applicable information within this email to your members.

1. Electronic Cost Report Filing: Under Change Request (CR) 10611, Medicare Administrative Contractors (MACs) were instructed to disable the electronic cost report feature from their portals. To comply with this request, Noridian has disabled the cost report feature from the Noridian Medicare Portal (NMP), effective June 18, 2018. As an immediate alternative, providers may use the CMS Medicare Cost Report e-Filing system (MCReF) to submit the cost report. Learn more!  CMS Medicare Cost Report e-Filing System Webcast: Calls-and-Events-Items/2018-05-01-Cost-Reporting.html
 CR 10611: Guidance/Guidance/Transmittals/2018Downloads/R2075OTN.pdf

2. MBI Look-Up Tool: On June 4, 2018, Noridian implemented the Medicare Beneficiary Identifier (MBI) Look-Up Tool to assist providers in determining a beneficiary’s new Medicare number. Learn more!  JEA:
 JFA:

3. Total Enrollment: New to Medicare? Noridian has compiled an easy-to-use guide containing the step-by-step enrollment process; and, it’s all on one webpage! Learn More!  JEA:
 JFA:

To best support your members’ Medicare training needs, associations may request Noridian to present on topics of interest via webinars, in-person visits or as a guest speaker on a teleconference. From the "Education & Outreach" section of our website, select "Collaboration with Associations;" complete the below Provider Outreach & Education Collaboration Form and email to

Thank you,
Provider Outreach & Education Team

NDHFMA Chapter Receives National Awards
Trent Chastain, 2017-2018 ND HFMA President accepts awards at the HFMA Annual Conference in Las Vegas.
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