April-May 2018 - No. 1

Artist Dick Termes and his Termespheres.
Outside the box thinking
Innovation is a buzzword that permeates our transportation industry today. We all interpret the word a bit differently and we vary greatly in our implementation levels. My favorite interpretation is one that is ingrained in most county and city road/street crew members -- innovation is a way of life; continuous, incremental improvements that enhance how we do things and ultimately improve our roadways. But here’s the kicker: the process is so natural that this talented and energetic group doesn’t think they're doing anything special! While most of our population needs to be directed to focus on developing an innovation mindset with measured results, our road crews do it naturally and always with implemented results. 

To all of you, please take a moment to reflect on the good things that you do. Pat your teammates on the back. Accept our sincere appreciation, our thanks, and a ‘You Rock!’ from the NDLTAP team!!! 

Now, can you help us spread the word? Our "You Show Us" program is a perfect way to share your latest and greatest inventions and to receive a bit of overdue recognition. This month, Traill County’s "You Show Us" Drain Tile Trailer will advance to the national competition. They are representing the many innovations across the state.  Go team North Dakota!
For the rest of us, innovation may need to be a targeted effort.  How do we start? And just what is "outside the box’ thinking?"  A local art gallery recently hosted a Termesphere painting display. Artist Dick Termes shifted from flat canvas to a spherical canvas in his work. Is your world still flat?  If it is, head out to a county or city shop and check out their latest projects. Follow their lead. Improve your world. And when you do, remain humble and share the glory with others.   

While some of our gravel roads are singing "Bad to the Bone," thanks to some innovative thinking, here's a piece of old Route 66 in New Mexico that sings "America the Beautiful." Click on the picture to see the video.
Update on Denise

Denise’s cancer recovery is going well, although for her, progress seems to move at a snail’s pace. She so desperately wants to be fully engaged in gardening, family and NDLTAP. Last month, because of her rare cancer type, the Mayo doctors recommended a couple of additional and precautionary chemo treatments. She will wrap the last one up in Bismarck at the end of May. She continues to work from home, with hopes of being back in the office in June. Your continued support is something that Denise cherishes. We’re continuing to hope for a speedy recovery – we miss you!
Feist joins NDLTAP as Asphalt Consultant

We are excited to announce that Gerard Feist joined the NDLTAP team as our asphalt consultant. Gerard recently retired from Burleigh County, were he worked on a full gamut of asphalt projects as the asphalt crew foreman. Gerard will help local agencies with specialized assistance and asphalt maintenance classes. Gerard got his feet wet last week when he joined the City of Devils Lake street department for a few days to help them prioritize surface condition repair options, run through equipment servicing requirements, and set up safe street work zones. Mike Grafsgaard, Devil's Lake City Engineer and NDLTAP Advisory Board Member, shared, “Thanks for allowing us to tap into Gerard!  His past experience and ability to work with our crew very much helped us to get started on a path to roadway preservation!”
Loegering in LaMoure County

What's new in Lamoure County? Josh Loegering, PE, is the new Road Superintendent/Engineer! Last week, Andrew Wrucke, NDLTAP, had a chance to catch up with Josh, a NDSU Civil engineering classmate from a couple years back. Josh gained plenty of experience working on roadways with the NDDOT Traffic Operations Division for 6 years after graduating from NDSU. He then moved to the KLJ's Valley City office and worked in the transportation division. His family moved to LaMoure County last year when Josh replaced Lauren Worrel. Lauren moved to Washington state to pursue a wonderful career opportunity and to be closer to family. Looks like Lamoure county moved from one great leader to another. Tim Geinert, County Road Department, shared that he couldn't be happier and was looking forward to continued county improvements. Reach Josh at josh.loegering@co.lamoure.nd.us or 701-883-5131. Please reach out and welcome our newest county leader. Congratulations Josh!
Innovation is local: You show us!

Have you found a way to do things better, faster or safer? Leanna Emmer from NDLTAP would love to come and visit with you about your innovation. She'll even help you prepare an entry into the LTAP " You Show Us !" contest. Deadline for 2018 entries is July 1. Maybe more important than the possibility of winning the contest is the opportunity to show others how to do things better, faster or safer. Contact Leanna at (01) 220-4595 or leanna.emmer@ndsu.edu .
Chainsaws rule!

In April, chainsaw class instructor Mike Smith drove all the way from the forests of Massachusetts and turned a crew of plains people into lumberjacks. This special training was offered to make sure our crews get home safely every night. Mike described his trip to the plains as an opportunity of a lifetime, falling in love with the landscape and way of life.  Special thanks to the Burleigh County crew for being stunning hosts. Timber!!  And Paul Bunyan smiled.  
Join us at MnRoad for the NRRA workshop!

We're hoping you will join us May 22-23 to tour the National Center for Asphalt Technology pavement preservation study and to visit the MnRoad research facility in central Minnesota. MnRoad is hosting the National Road Research Alliance Pavement workshop to share innovative road research in our region. For more details, contact dale.heglund@ndsu.edu .  
Zero is the correct number
Together we can make it happen!
Vision Zero is North Dakota's primary traffic safety initiative. Its mission is to establish a culture of personal responsibility behind the wheel, where motor vehicle fatalities and injuries are recognized as preventable and no longer tolerated as acceptable.
Behind the scenes spotlight
NDLTAP is proud of the teammates we work with at NDSU. Consequently, we will be adding periodic spotlights to help you get to know the strength in our herd.  This month the spotlight is on Tom Jirik, the Upper Great Plains Transportation Institute's communication coordinator.  From photography, event planning, writing, grammar checks and marketing efforts, Tom is key to our professional image. Thank you Tom! 
Kid in a candy store

That’s the best way to describe Andrew Wrucke as he takes on NDLTAP’s latest project, the HIVE - Culvert Inspector.  The Hydraulics Inspection Vehicle Explorer (HIVE) is a fancy way to say - remote controlled car with a camera on it that runs through small culverts to show us their condition. Andrew is currently testing and showing the HIVE to the NDDOT, FHWA, and DOD. His first real world culvert inspection is planned to take place in Lamoure County soon.  Want more info or want to schedule an inspection? Contact Andrew at 218-790-5798 or andrew.wrucke@ndsu.edu .  We will be sending out a special notice following system testing to define how counties and cities can tap into this great technology. Special thanks to MnDOT for sharing the plans to build the HIVE.
Asphalt Conference resources available

A record crowd of more than 200 attended the 2018 North Dakota Asphalt Conference last month. The conference passed on a wealth of new technologies and information. Check out the NDLTAP resource page for conference presentations and to grab our latest Road Ready Research (R3) Publication, Pavement Preservation Terminology . Mark your calendar and plan to attend the 2018 North Dakota Asphalt Conference scheduled for April 9-10, 2019.
Bridge 101: Still spots left

We still have some spots left in our Bridge 101 training . We have created a poster for this event. Click on the image below to download a pdf file for printing or sharing. Thanks for helping us spread the word!
Bridge 101

June 6 in Grand Forks at the Sheriff's Department conference room
June 13 in Williston at the Williams County Shop
Continuing to improve North Dakota's gravel roads

In our Glue For Gravel Roads workshops, instructor Steve Monlux, shared the secrets of using clay as a natural binder. Curt Glasoe, Western Technical Support Representative, said, “Numerous oil producing counties have already shifted toward gravels with a clay binder and this class will help others make the change. Reduced blade maintenance and longer life for dust suppressants means cost savings for the counties.  Reduced dust and loose rock results in safer roads . Safer roads save lives. Getting our families and friends home safe every night falls in line with the NDDOT’s Vision Zero, an effort that NDLTAP strongly supports.” 

The field demonstrations and test sites provided hands-on learning and proof that the classroom technology pays off in the real world. Special thanks to our host counties: Ransom, Wells and McKenzie. Thanks also to our field demonstration support companies – DMC Wear Parts for providing cutting edges and Roadworx for providing magnesium chloride dust suppressant.

NDLTAP and the NDDOT are drafting an Aggregate Surfacing Special Provision. We will be vetting the draft specification past the state’s road superintendents in June. Specifying gravel with binder results in better, more economical and safer roads. Become a Gravel Road Warrior today and help us to improve the state’s 60,000 miles of gravel roads.
Free registration at Local Roads Conference in Rapid City?

Did you know that we have FREE registrations available for first timers to the Local Road Conference in Rapid City, Oct. 17-18. NDLTAP has four free registrations left ($85 registration value; does not include hotel, meals or transportation). To Qualify, email the code "IWantToLearn" to ndltap@ugpti.org . Additionally, NDLTAP will also offer a free bus trip for each person that brings a county commissioner (includes bus trip for commissioner)!
Keep on learning

FHWA provides a broad spectrum of webinars.  Visit the FHWA Center for Local-Aid Support website to register for other upcoming webinars, and watch recordings of previous ones.
Up next from FHWA:  Innovation Exchange: Asset Management for Local Agency Programs webinar Thursday, May 17, from 1-2:30 pm (EST). Asset management focuses decisions in resource allocation and usage for transportation infrastructure. Its purpose is to maximize benefits of a transportation program for customers and users, based on well-defined goals and using available resources. This webinar will share program examples for agencies to develop and manage their transportation assets. Come find out how to set up your own program and hear about successful practices to aid you in your local agency.
Upcoming from NDLTAP

For a complete listing of NDLTAP training, go online to www.ndltap.org .  Upcoming special events: Walsh County Road Day, August 1; Truck Summits, Sept. 25 in Valley City and Sept. 27 in Manning. Watch for a new I-LEAD class this fall.  
Twisting a quote from consummate do-it-yourselfer, outdoorsman, and innovator Red Green, "Remember, NDLTAP is pulling for ya!"
Our Mission

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