February 2018 - No. 2
What's in your training plan for 2018?
The NDLTAP team has been working feverishly to develop a broad spectrum of technology transfer information and training opportunities. Check out the opportunities to learn below. For a complete listing, go to the NDLTAP website .
The North Dakota Asphalt Conference will be April 10-11, 2018 in Bismarck. The conference shares various pavement preservation info, research that you can use, design/planning information and more. Attendees are evenly split into four groups: local leaders (county and city), NDDOT/FHWA, contractors/suppliers, and consultants. See the draft agenda to learn how this technology transfer event can help enhance your program. Theme of the event is Innovation -- the Key to Pavement Preservation . Registration and sponsorship information is available online now.

New for 2018: Chainsaw training

NDLTAP is offering a one-time special offering for 2018: Chainsaw Training with Mike Smith of Husqvarna. Mike will be loading up his truck with Husqvarna chainsaws and tools in Massachusetts and heading west for an April 16-19 class at the N.D. 4-H Camp in Washburn. The class will have two parts. Part 1 will be held Monday in a classroom setting and will cover chainsaw maintenance. We will rip apart carbs, clutches, etc., and learn how to keep saws in peak running order. This class is open to 30 participants. Part 2 (the good part!) will run Tuesday through Thursday and will include classroom learning about sharpening and general chainsaw maintenance and then quickly shifts to time in the woods with hands-on tree cutting. This portion of the class will be limited to 12 participants. Our hope is to provide training for 12 people who can then share their knowledge with others in the state. Part 2 participants will get to stay in the new bunkhouses at the 4-H camp. Evenings will include bonfires, chainsaw carving demos and more. Registration is now open!
Glue for Gravel Roads Offered in May

In May, NDLTAP will host the "Glue for Gravel Roads" class across the state. If you are tired of wash boarding, dust, float, and related safety hazards plaguing your county roads, then this is the class for you. Join us May 1 in Ransom County, May 2 in Wells County, or May 3 in McKenzie County. Learn how to add nature's glue (clay) to existing gravel surfacing to "make Gravel Roads Great Again!" Gravel expert Steve Monlux, PE and LVR Consultant, will share the secrets of adding a very small percentage of clay to hold the gravel surfacing together. Following the class, we will head out to the field to apply our classroom learning by building a three-part gravel road test section. We will add bentonite clay to an existing gravel, demonstrating proper blending and laydown operations. Kelly McCollam, DMC Wear Parts, will demonstrate new quick-change cutting edge technologies that make easy work of cutting road surfaces and blending clay into the binder into the gravel. Todd Pendleton, Roadworx, will show us how to apply Mag Chloride and explain how clay binder in gravel surfacing enhances dust treatments. Register soon to reserve your place.
TLN Logo
TLN videos and webinars offer a powerful way to learn and allow you to tap into training when it fits your schedule. When it's too wet to seal cracks or too dry to blade, why not call the crew together and watch a presentation on gravel roads or another topic of your choice? Our library of recorded events continues to grow. Check out a couple of the many topics planned for this spring. See the complete list of TLN events .

Upcoming events:
  • Smart Work Zones -- Feb. 23, webinar.
  • Roundabouts -- March 8, video at your local NDDOT District office
  • Zinc Coated Rebar for Bridges -- March 12, webinar
  • Nature Tales: Roadway Clues for Design & Maintenance -- March 13 video at your local NDDDOT District Office.
GRIT Field Outreach

NDLTAP is inviting counties to leverage the power of GRIT in their own offices with in-office GRIT training. NDLTAP Statewide Local Technical Assistant Representatives Andrew Wrucke and Leanna Emmer are available to meet at your county office to assist in training you or your county employees on the basics of GRIT or to help you learn the more advanced asset management topics. After the training sessions, you will be able to continue to enter additional data on your own into GRIT for future planning purposes and centralized record keeping. Additionally, the trainers will be able to help troubleshoot any issues that may come up in the future and continue to train you and your staff to advance your collective knowledge. Contact NDLTAP via Dale Heglund or the trainers directly -- Andrew Wrucke or Leanna Emmer to arrange a training time.

NDDOT Local Roads

NDDOT Local division has developed a one-stop shop website for local road managers to find resources, forms, and information related to federal and state funded projects. Add this valuable resource to your bookmarks.

2018 How to Conference

The Northland Chapter of ATSSA is proud to announce its 2018 How to Conference March 19-21 at the Delta Hotels by Marriott in Fargo. Online registration is now open. Check out the NDLTAP rolling banner to find out how new local government employees and students can receive free conference registration. Hurry -- the free registrations are limited!
The Federal Highway Administration is nearing the end of its fourth round of Every Day Counts (EDC) innovations which include techniques and technologies, such as Automated Traffic Signal Performance Measures, Safe Transportation for Every Pedestrian (STEP), and Pavement Preservation. Our state and local partners are all welcome to request additional technical assistance on any of the innovations used in the four phases of Every Day Counts. You may contact the Federal Highway North Dakota Division office at 701-250-4204 for more information on any of the current or previous initiatives.
Every Day Counts was included in the “Fixing America’s Surface Transportation” (FAST) Act, and so is now codified. That codification brings us to EDC 5. Solicitation for innovations for EDC 5 closed on January 18 th , and FHWA expects to roll-out the new innovations in late summer. Keep an eye on the FHWA Every Day Counts Website! 
The most recent EDC-4 Progress Report is located at:  https://www.fhwa.dot.gov/innovation/everydaycounts/reports/edc4_progressreport1/
Cancer Free!

Those are the wonderful words that Denise's doctor shared on Feb. 11. Her treatments at Mayo continue, but her cancer battle win is within reach. Denise passes on her sincere appreciation for the unbelievable support that you have shared. That support has been key to her successful surgery and treatment, providing a path for her release from Mayo and the trip home that is planned for Feb. 28. Cancer free is a good way to end this month's update!
On behalf of the NDLTAP team, thank you for the opportunity to be part of your lives. Your friendship and support is greatly appreciated.

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