May 2021
We made it!
First - thank you for giving it all you had this year (+ more) and supporting our students and one another in every way you could.

Second - you still made time to focus on your system and keep your team's action plan moving in the right direction. We know it was hard.

Third - we hope you can find some time within your school/district to celebrate with your colleagues and teammates! You deserve it.

We've got some AWESOME events coming up that we want you to know about!

May 17, May 25, OR June 3, 2021 (Virtual)

June 8-9, 2021

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Professional Learning Opportunities NOW OPEN for registration!
ND SEL Network:
Exploration Events & June Summit
Exploration Events featuring the learning journeys of current ND Member Schools
- Turtle Mountain Community HS
- Nedrose
- Hazen
- Valley City

When? (Join via Zoom link above)
- May 17 @ 3:30pm
- May 25 @ 8:30am
- June 3 @ 8:30am

What can you expect?
- What is the ND SEL Network?
- Lessons learned from members
- ND K-12 member learning journey

This members-only Summit aims to
  • Present evidence of organizational progress [Explore]
  • Engage in inter and cross-organizational networking
  • Advance action/implementation plans

During the Summit attendees will have the opportunity to hear
  • Partner/Member Updates
  • Advancing Systemic SEL (ND Theory of Action, Equity Framework, Continuous Improvement and SEL)
  • Peer to Peer Consultancy
  • Member-Specific Planning
NDMTSS Virtual Conference
Registration OPEN!
Leveraging Disruption: Reflecting, Refocusing & Reframing our System of Supports
NDMTSS Virtual Conference presenters will challenge participants to consider how the lessons learned over the past year can help to refocus our efforts and plans for next year and emerge with stronger systems heading into next year!

We are excited to welcome educators from across ND back together after a COVID break – so gather your team, get registered, and join us LIVE to hear from national experts and collaboration partners.

Several LIVE breakout sessions will be held during the conference days and BONUS-recorded sessions will be available for asynchronous viewing to personalize your conference experience.

Conference sessions will cover the essential considerations for effective & efficient systems that lead to student success:
  • Integration of academics and behavior 
  • How systems help weather the storms (or pandemics) of life
  • The importance of leadership and effective teams and teaming
  • How to create cultures that truly engage EVERY STUDENT, EVERY DAY, in EVERY CLASS
  • Understanding how to develop and implement effective behavior intervention plans that support students AND teachers
  • Reframing our schoolwide behavior intervention supports with new opportunities to integrate SEL, restorative practices, and equity
  • Linking data, interventions, and individualized instruction
  • Considerations for special education roles within an MTSS system
  • A critical focus on the science of reading
  • Foundational NDMTSS supports and practical strategies for implementation
Feature Speaker Highlight
See below for a few of our featured speaker bios and session descriptions.
Aaron Stabel, Behavior Advantage
Aaron will be a featured speaker BOTH days and is a BCBA based in Truckee, CA. He is a behavioral and educational consultant for school districts and families where he assesses and implements interventions for children with ASD, ADHS, emotional disturbances, and other developmental disabilities across the US. He is also the CEO of Behavior Advantage guiding educators to design evidence-based behavior plans for students at all Tiers.

Conference sessions:

Natalie Wexler, Education Writer
Natalie is an education write and the author of The Knowledge Gap: The Hidden Cause of America's Borken Education System - and How to Fix It. She is also the co-author, with Judith C. Hochman, of The Writing Revolution: A Guide to Advancing Thinking Through Writing in All Subjects and Grades, and a senior contributor at

Conference Session:
Kevin Feldman, Independent Education Consultant
Kevin works as an independent educational consultant to support schools with improving student achievement via the systemic implementation of Evidence-Based Practices.

Conference session:
Summer 2021 Trainings Available
A New Perspective on Student Behavior & Learning
Graduate credit available!

1 in 4 children have been exposed to a traumatic event that may have a lasting impact on the well-being and functioning of students and their families. By understanding how trauma impacts students and adopting a trauma-informed approach, educators can play a crucial role in mitigating both the short and long-term effects of trauma.

The VIRTUAL interactive workshop will leave you with a renewed commitment to reach some of the most vulnerable students and their families.

Virtual Workshop:
- June 21 - 25, 2021
- 9:00 - 11:00am each day
- Cost: $50

Graduate credit available!

Assist your school in meeting the mandated legislative criteria for mental health PD in a meaningful manner with the TSS professional learning curriculum.

Self-Paces Virtual Sessions
  • June 25 - Aug. 2, 2021
  • Aug. 2 Debrief & Resource Review
  • Aug. 3 Optional Coaching
  • Aug. 4-6 Small Group Teach-Back
Safe & Civil Schools
Discipline in the Secondary Classroom
Dates still being finalized!

VIRTUAL Training
Proposed Training Dates:
• August 19 (3 hours)
• September 20 (3 hours)
• October 20 (2 hours)
• November 12 (2 hours)
• December 22 (2 hours)

CHAMPS: A Proactive and Positive Approach to Classroom Management - Classroom teachers who want to improve their current classroom management plan leads teachers through a process of identifying and maintaining the effective aspects of their current management plan while adding and/or strengthening any missing or less-effective aspects. CHAMPS can help any teacher manage student behavior more positively and effectively.

Discipline in the Secondary Classroom is research-based and supplies high school teachers with the step-by-step guidance they need to design an effective behavior management plan. Learn proactive, positive strategies for curbing misbehavior and increasing student motivation + get forms, samples, and evaluation tools to aid in the effort.

By completing this form it does not confirm your registration. Once dates/times are secure, formal registration information will be sent. 
Dates still being finalized!

These sessions are for both NEW users and those needing a refresher of the listed interventions.

Reading Mastery:
Participants learn how to teach students decoding and comprehension skills and strategies needed to be successful readers.

Corrective Reading:
Participants learn how to teach
students to read accurately,
increase rate and fluency, build
vocabulary, and read with
understanding from a variety of
materials including books,
newspapers, and magazines.

Connecting Math Concepts:
Explicit strategies that enable
students to master difficult ideas such as ratios, proportions, probability, functions, and data analysis ensuring students gain success and confidence as mathematical thinkers.

Corrective Math:
Consists of seven strategic modules that provide teacher-directed instruction on critical skills and concepts which struggling students often fail to grasp.

By completing this form it does not confirm your registration. Once dates/times are secure, formal registration information will be sent.
2021-2022 Trainings Open for Registration
Get Registered! | Sept. 1 & Sept. 17 (held again in January 2022)
Intended for educators who are responsible for implementing FBA/BIPs or who are supervising educators who implement FBA/BIPs.

MEASURE quality of completed FBA/BIPs
IDENTIFY specific areas for FBA/BIP improvement

Virtual Series*:
- Sept. 1-15 | 2-hr online recorded content review released Sept. 1 and available through Sept. 15

- Sept. 17 | 1-3pm Live Virtual
*Series held again Jan. 3-19, 2022*
Get Registered! | Oct. 5, Oct. 12, Oct. 19, Oct. 26 (held again in February/March 2022)
Ideal for educators who are responsible for implementing FBA/BIPs, lead teachers, special educators, and educators who provide behavioral consultation to teachers.

ANALYZE evidenced-based behavior supports

Virtual Series* (1:30-3pm each session):
- Oct. 5 | Good Behavior Game
- Oct. 12 | Opportunities to Respond
- Oct. 19 | Self-Monitoring
- Oct. 26 | Check In Check Out
*Series held again Feb./March, 2022*
Oct. 5, Oct. 26, Nov. 30, Dec. 14 | +2 coaching calls (Nov. & Jan.)
Intended for district-level teams.

This training is designed to support the district, and in some instances, school building leadership teams, in creating the conditions for optimizing social-emotional learning through application of the NDMTSS Essential Components and continuous improvement. Investigation of the four approaches to SEL, evidence-based programs and practices supporting SEL, and translating current educational research to practice in an attempt to impact outcomes for all students. 

Leadership Teams will:  
  • Define Social-Emotional Learning
  • Understand CASEL competencies & associated skills.
  • Understand the four approaches to SEL;
  • Access and apply ND generated or National resources to advance implementation of the 4 approaches;
  • Identify evidenced-based programs and practices;
  • Apply the NDMTSS Essential Components as they relate to systemic SEL
  • Initiate the development of comprehensive systems-level planning and coordination of SEL
Virtual Series (8:30-11:30am): Oct. 5, Oct. 26, Nov. 30, Dec. 14
+ 2 60min coaching sessions in November and January
MOUs to be available soon for 21-22.
Developing Pathways for Academics
This training, intended for a leadership team, is designed to utilize the NDMTSS Essential Components to solve problems at the school, classroom, and student level. Emphasis will be given to translating current educational research practice to help schools maximize resources and outcomes for all students. Examples of data systems for universal screening and progress monitoring will be identified, as well as specific interventions and curricula to address problems at a systems level.

  • Identify current gaps in student outcomes based on grade level data
  • Evaluate appropriate pathways for students to increase academic achievement
  • Develop strategies for solving problems at increasingly larger levels
  • Increase awareness of evidence-based interventions and curricula

Evaluating Your System
This training, intended for school lead teams, will focus on innovation of the NDMTSS model with emphasis on:
  1. data collection and disaggregation
  2. data-driven decision making, and
  3. problem solving for student, classroom, and systems level.

Monitoring practices will be developed to determine if the system is having a positive impact on student learning with a strong focus on fidelity and outcome data. Opportunities for collaboration and to observe MTSS in action within the cohort will be organized.

  • Evaluate research-based interventions.
  • Determine effectiveness of Placement Pathways
  • Begin the process for assisting teachers in analyzing data for trends in student growth or stagnancy

Jennifer Glasheen
South East Education Cooperative
Lyndsi Engstrom
Central Regional Education Association