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Register Today for the 2018 Global Business Connections Conference

The 2018 Global Business Connections Conference, the largest international business event in North Dakota, is right around the corner!  In addition to a keynote speech by geopolitical strategist, Peter Zeihan, panel discussions and networking opportunities, this two-day event, held on Wednesday, April 4 and Thursday, April 5, features breakout sessions designed to move your international business forward.  These focused seminars and training sessions will give exporters the opportunity to expand their knowledge of topics ranging from defining new market opportunities to cybersecurity.
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Free Trade Advances, Just Not in the US

Free trade agreements abound across the globe while the US remains in protectionist mode. Europe and Asia are the most active players, each moving forward with multiple trade deals. The following highlights the agreements being negotiated or completed.

Lessons from the Largest Cyberattacks in 2017
We all receive suspicious emails now and then, but have you ever been tempted to open an attachment from an unknown source? Or unconsciously downloaded a file without thinking? You're not alone, but the most widespread global cyberattacks have been a result of doing just that. Read on for information on the attacks that affected the most people worldwide and how they could have been prevented. 
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