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Upcoming Trade Missions 2019

The North Dakota Trade Office is developing multiple trade missions that will take place over the following year. Various industries are targeted throughout 2019, with grant funding available for those that qualify. Below is a list of the trade missions and trade trips currently on the calendar.

NDTO Member Profile: Alloway Standard Industries
Kelly O'Hara of Alloway Standard Industries is a busy guy. If he's not in the office working as the sole sales manager of Alloway Standard Industries, he's in the field demonstrating sugar beet equipment or flying to visit dealers and customers in the U.S. and all over the world. He's in charge of moving Alloway Standard Industries' sugar beet defoliators, harvesters, row crop cultivators, custom stainless steel equipment and more. But if you told him ten years ago that he'd be working in sales, he'd have thought you were lying.

Technology & the Changing Global Landscape: What is Blockchain?

In this series, we will examine the impact of the latest technologies on global business. Our first technology is the word many are buzzing about - blockchain. But what is it and why are people so excited?  Blockchain is essentially a new type of internet where economic transactions take place. It was invented specifically for the digital currency Bitcoin, but now people are finding additional ways to use it

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