August 2020 Veterans Voice Newsletter
MessageMessage from the Director
Message from the Director - August 2020
Message from the Director

To my fellow veterans, families, and veteran advocates: 

We are adapting to the new normal of coronavirus and thinking outside the box about ways NDVS can best serve Nevada's veterans and their families by continuing to offer our valuable services, events and resources in new settings. Obviously, this means moving many of our offerings online to keep everyone safe and healthy. 

On Thursday, August 20NDVS is hosting a free, live virtual conference "Caregiving on the Homefront" for family caregivers of veterans and anyone else interested from 9 a.m. to noon PST. We have great speakers participating, including author Rosalys Peel, and representatives from the VA, AARP and Nevada Department of Health and Human Services.  

We are excited to work with various partners to offer similar free, online events meaningful to Nevada veterans. We are also in the initial stages of planning free, hour-long webinars on popular topics.  Stay tuned! 

On July 28, NDVS hosted a live-stream event celebrating Nevada's Second Annual Buffalo Soldiers Day.  The event honored the legacy of America's Buffalo Soldiers and recognized the tremendous accomplishments of Nevada's African-American military and veterans with the reading of Governor Sisolak's Buffalo Solider Day Proclamation and the presentation of a Salute to Nevada's African American Warriors" commemorative calendar.  To view the Governor's video, download a PDF version of the calendar, access the event video and photos, plus see the media clips, visit: 

Ups and downs have marked the news from our Veterans Homes this past month. Tragically, there were four resident deaths at the Northern Nevada State Veterans Home (NNSVH) during a COVID-19 outbreak that started June 25As of today, one resident at the Southern Nevada State Veterans Home is positive with COVID-19, and all other residents at both State Veteran Homes have recovered, for a total of 67 staff and resident recoveries.

NDVS has several job openings for certified Nursing Assistants and a Registered Nurse at the Southern Nevada State Veterans Home in Boulder City, Nevada. 

As statewide COVID-19 numbers grow, I ask that you please remain safe by wearing face coverings and practice physical distancing. Your health is worth any inconvenience.  But physical distancing does NOT mean social distancing.  Keep in contact with Family, friends, and comrades; call them, Skype and Facetime with them, send a letter (old school, right?), or whatever it takes to stay connected.  We all need each other-this has never been more true.   


Kat Miller 

Buffalo Soldiers Part Of A Strong American Tradition
By Chuck N. Baker

(Las Vegas) - The United States of America has always been defended by a coalition of diverse and dedicated military regiments that stem from the larger picture of our armed forces. They range from the volunteers of the Colonial Army to the Rough Riders to the Doughboys to the Tuskegee Airmen to the Green Berets to the Navy Seals and others too numerous to mention.

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We congratulate William "Danny" McGinley for being named Veteran of the Month (VOM) and the Associated General Contractors (AGC), Nevada Chapter, being named Veteran Supporter of the Month (VSM) for July.

Army Seeks DNA From Nevadan To Aid In Identification Of Remains
By Chuck N. Baker

(Las Vegas) - The remains of military combatants whose lives were lost while serving in the military are saved and documented as much as possible for future identification. It's only in recent years that identification has been made possible by the use of deoxyribonucleic acid, DNA for short. 

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NDVS Deputy Director Fred Wagar Honored by MOPH
On July 1, 2020, Deputy Director for Operations Fred Wager was honored by the Military Order of the Purple Heart for his support to the Nevada Department of Veterans Services. 

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HealthHealth and Wellness
COVID 19 and Our State Veterans Homes
During the past few weeks, we have good news and bad news with regard to COVID-19 in our State Veterans Homes.

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Life Starts Again For 100-Year-Old Veteran
By Chuck N. Baker 

(Sparks) - Carol "Connie" McGee basks in the knowledge that she is the first individual to have called the Northern Nevada State Veterans Home her current residence. 

ProgramsPrograms and Services
Nevada Veteran Memorial Cemeteries
The COVID-19 pandemic is still impacting the way we and other veterans' cemeteries across the country are conducting business.

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You Can Still File a Claim and Speak with a Veteran Service Officer
If you want to file a claim, continue pursuing an appeal, or speak with a Veterans Service Officer, NDVS ensures services are still available to veterans and their families.

Chief Soto from Reno PD Honored for His Support of the Truckee Meadows Mayor's Challenge
On Wednesday, July 15, 2020, Chief Jason Soto was honored with the Chief's Award.

Annie Emprima-Martin In Her Own Words Stories from Nevada's Women Veterans
Annie Emprima-Martin enlisted in the Nevada Army National Guard in 2008 and served until 2017. After earning a college degree in business from Western New England College and working as a computer analyst at Hoover Dam, Annie joined the military in her early thirties.

Shout Out to Our Business Community
While COVID-19 has upended many things, NDVS will not let the virus prevent our Department from recognizing the many businesses who have become certified as Patriot Employers.  

NewsNews You can Use
VA Blog and Nevada Veterans Benefits
We have received many questions about the recent VA blog post regarding Nevada veteran benefits published 7/22/2020This blog was a VA initiative; they reached out to every state and asked a number of questions about benefits.

Blinded Veterans Laud Bipartisan House Approval of Legislation
By Chuck N. Baker 

(Washington) - The Blinded Veterans Association (BVA,) has recognized the passage of H.R. 3504, the Specialty Adaptive Housing Improvement Act of 2019. The bill was passed under unanimous consent by Congress.

 Veterans Veteran's Family Receives Payment-Free Automobile
 By Chuck N. Baker

(Las Vegas) - Apologies for the sports metaphors, but when a deserving disabled veteran hits a home run by being presented with a brand new automobile from a veterans organization inside a baseball park, he's got to be a guy with a winning family who's gone through life with runs and hits, but no recent errors.

VA Debt Relief
On July 14, 2020, the VA Debt Management Center issued a news release stating that debt collections under their jurisdiction will remain suspended through the end of 2020.

Coronavirus FAQs
For questions about COVID-19 and how it affects VA health care and benefit services, visit our Coronavirus FAQs page or read VA's public health response.

NDVS Job Posting
NDVS is looking for Certified Nursing Assistants and a Registered Nurse at the Southern Nevada State Veterans Home in Boulder City, Nevada (near Las Vegas).   

Latest information on Filing for Unemployment
The Nevada Department of Education, Training and Rehabilitation explains to file for unemployment in the State of Nevada.

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Mark Your Calendar
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