July 2019 Veterans Voice Newsletter
Message Message from the Director
Message from the Director - July 2019
Happy Fourth of July! Whether you intend to celebrate the day at a picnic, barbecue, pool, or beach, it is always important to remember the freedoms we enjoy today result in large part from the sacrifice of the men and women who served in uniform, protecting and defending our nation.

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Grants Available to Honor and Remember 
Every Veteran - Every Generation
If you have a great idea for a ceremony or event that honors and recognizes veterans, we want to hear from you. NDVS is offering up to $2,000 to help host a ceremony or special event highlighting a generation of veterans. For example, what about hosting a USO dance party to honor Nevada's Korean War veterans? Or how about hosting a Luminary event, where lights or candles are lit to honor a fallen Nevada warrior?

Congratulations Larry Osborne and
Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 10053
U.S. Army veteran Larry Osborne was named Veteran of the Month (VOM) and the Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) Verdi Post 10053 was also honored as Veteran Supporter of the Month (VSM) in a special ceremony inside the Old Assembly Chamber in Carson City on June 17, 2019. Governor Steve Sisolak attended the ceremony.

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Now Accepting Nominations to Award Superstar Veterans
or Veteran Supporters
Is there a certain "someone" who honorably served in the military and continues to keep on serving? They are the one(s) you can count on to support their community as well as their fellow veterans and military members.
The Veteran of the Month award recognizes Nevada veterans who contribute their time and energy to support veterans, their communities and/or the military.  The award shines a bright light on the work veterans continue to do for our nation.
The Veteran Supporter of the Month Award recognizes both active organizations and non-veteran Nevada community members that provide exceptional support to military stationed in Nevada, Nevada veterans, and their families.

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Gold Star Families Memorial Dedication
A new Gold Star Families Memorial Monument will forever remember and honor the sacrifice of losing a loved one serving in the military.

A crowd of approximately 400 attended the dedication ceremony for the monument on Saturday, June 29, 2019 on the grounds of the Northern Nevada State Veterans Home in Sparks.

Congressional Medal of Honor recipients, Hershel Woody Williams and Donald Everett Ballard, were featured in the ceremony. Williams is the founder of the Hershel Woody Williams Medal of Honor Foundation, which supports establishing permanent Gold Star Families Memorial Monuments in communities across the country. Ballard serves as an honorary board member and advisor to the Foundation.

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WWII Veterans Recognized as Elks Host D-Day Anniversary
It was 1942 and news reports quoted German Reich Marshal Hermann Goring degrading American soldiers as he spoke to a gathering of military officers and others. He said, "Their soldiers have other ambitions." He added, "They'll wobble on a dance floor for 72 hours with contorted limbs, rolling eyes, and a completely dopey look to be crowned marathon king." He concluded, "Such things are not soldiering, and the U.S.A. will not impress us with bluff." 

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Gulf War Veteran? Free Gift for You!
The State of Kuwait is providing a special "thank you" to the men and women who served in Operation Desert Storm. Gulf War veterans may receive a free commemorative, first-edition book, The Liberation of Kuwait. It includes a companion, feature-length documentary on DVD. The set retails for $49.95 but is yours, free, because of your service.

The high quality book was published in 2016 by Remember My Service Productions. It is full color, printed on heavy glossy paper. The 9" X 11" book has a hardcover and dust jacket.

We regret we cannot mail the free book sets due to cost. But you may arrange to pick up your free copy by emailing . We can make arrangements for you to pick up your copy from the nearest NDVS office. Thank you for your service!
Korean War Veteran? This Free Gift Is for You!
For a limited time, and for the first time ever, the nationally acclaimed book Korea Reborn: A Grateful Nation Honors War Veterans for 60 Years of Growth and The Remembered War, a 2014 GI Film Festival-selected documentary, are being bundled together in a collector's edition commemorative book and DVD set.

Both the book and DVD remember and honor the brave Americans who served during the Korean War. Their fight for freedom in a war-torn, distant land has nourished a modern and prosperous Republic of Korea, one of the world's most powerful testaments to the fruits of liberty.

The books are a gift from the South Korean government and are made available to you, Korean War veterans, at NO COST! The book retails for $49.95 but again, it is yours free, if you are a Korean War veteran. While we honor the service of all who veterans, this offer is a special gift reserved only for those who served in combat during the Korean War.
The high quality book was published in 2016 by Remember My Service Productions. It is full color, printed on heavy glossy paper. The 9" X 11" book has a hardcover and dust jacket.

We regret we cannot mail the free book sets due to cost. But you may arrange to pick up your free copy by emailing We can make arrangements for you to pick up your copy from the nearest NDVS office. Thank you for your service!
HealthHealth and Wellness
Northern Nevada State Veterans Home Update
First Resident Is a Woman Veteran, WWII Navy Nurse
Carol "Connie" McGee grinned as an oversized balloon slowly drifted above and over her wheelchair. She raised her arms, gave a hearty, "ha!" before shocking everyone. Her arms came down with such force, the balloon zoomed across the room catching Activities Director John Young off guard. The bright orange balloon bounced off his face and hit the floor below.

He gave a loud hoot, "Dang," he said. The 96-year-old smiled back at him, "Weren't you ready?"

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Longtime Reno Geriatric Care Specialist, Steven L. Phillips, MD, Named Medical Director of Northern Nevada State Veterans Home
Longtime Reno Geriatric Specialist Steven L. Phillips, MD, has been named Medical Director for the new Northern Nevada State Veterans Home in Sparks, Nevada. 

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New Home Receives Major Donation from Cashman Equipment
The Northern Nevada State Veterans Home (NNSVH) has a new CAT Utility Vehicle, thanks to the generosity of Cashman Equipment Company in Sparks!
The vehicle is similar to a large golf cart. It will be used to assist in all sorts of daily chores at the home including hauling laundry to and from the rooms to the main laundry room.
Upon receiving it, Deputy Director Wendy Simons smiled and turned to NNSVH Administrator Mike Ball suggesting, "We should give it a name!" Ball paused for a moment, "I don't know, what do you think about 'Pat' the CAT?" Simons smiled, "I like it. 'Pat' the CAT it is!"
"Pat" is designed for off-road hauling and towing. It will be used to haul laundry and perform other chores and functions at the new home located in Sparks, Nevada.
Thank you Cashman General Manager Todd Gilligan and Cashman Equipment for your generosity and support of Nevada's veterans.
Order Your VA Health Care Options for Veterans Booklet
By Staff Reports/VA
Our VA partners are receiving a lot of questions on how to obtain a copy of the new VA Health Care Options for Veterans Booklet. Check out the options below:

The digital copy is located at:

Booklets can be ordered from the following website: 

Toward the bottom, on the right-hand side, is a link to order the books and instructions to send an e-mail to:
In the subject heading, type: VA Health Care Options for Veterans Brochure - Order #: F61090

Please include:
*Phone number
*Shipping address (if applicable, include room, suite, or apartment number)
*Mail routing code (N/A for individuals or stakeholders)
*VISN (our VISN is VISN 19)
*CBOC or Facility (if applicable)
*The quantity you would like (max 3 for individuals and 100 for organizations)
*Are you a Veteran, VA employee, or non-VA Veteran-facing organization or program (please specify)?
*Where did you hear about this product?

For additional information, contact Christopher Scott, Acting Chief, Patient Centered Care, VA Salt Lake City Health Care System at 801-582-1565, extension: 1684.
ProgramsPrograms and Services
Become a Nevada Veterans Advocate!
The volunteers with the Nevada Veterans Advocate (NVA) program are passionate about helping veterans. They've not only completed a 20-hour online course and received certification, but many have been saying they wanted to do more! NDVS wants those NVA's to know, we heard you! So NDVS is now involving NVA's in community events to provide veteran outreach. We invite you to become an NVA and join in the fun.
The Nevada Veterans Advocate program provides the education necessary for volunteers to be able to conduct outreach to veterans and veteran families about the benefits and services available in Nevada.
NDVS just conducted a free NVA workshop in Elko last month. It was well attended! We will host another free, two-day training in southern Nevada in the spring of 2019. Watch this space for more information as we iron out the details.

The goal is to recruit and train 1,000 NVAs to serve veterans throughout Nevada. As NDVS ramps up its outreach program, NVAs are a crucial component. With the number of estimated veterans living in Nevada to be estimated at close to 300,000 thousand, many may not be aware of all of the benefits and resources available to them, particularly in the rural areas of the state.
For more information on how to become a Nevada Veterans Advocate, contact Justin Prazak, NDVS Training Officer (775) 321-4719, or visit our website: .
Check out the new NDVS App!
Access all of the resources from our website at the touch of your finger!
Download the NDVS Web App by Texting "NDVS" (No quotations) to 94502! Check it out!
NewsNews You can Use

President Signs Blue Water Navy Veteran Act

It is a decades- long fight, but now it is over. President Trump has signed legislation allowing Blue Water Navy veterans to receive VA disability benefits for illnesses linked to exposure to Agent Orange during the Vietnam War. Read all about it:
History of the Fourth of July
On July 4, 1776, the Second Continental Congress approved the Declaration of Independence, the formal document officially absolving all ties between Great Britain and the American Colonies. But this was not a decision made on a whim. The American colonists had tolerated decades of mistreatment before resorting to declaring their independence.

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New Research Affirms Critical Need for Caregivers in Veterans Care
New research published in the June 2019 edition of the Health Affairs journal shows the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) and the Elizabeth Dole Foundation are working collectively to better integrate caregivers into a veteran health care treatment.
The report, titled "Including Family Caregivers in Seriously Ill Veterans' Care: A Mixed-Methods Study," was led by Duke University researchers and emphasizes caregiver inclusion identified in the VA - Elizabeth Dole Foundation's Campaign for Inclusive Care, which strengthens health care and is a model for improving care in the private sector. The Campaign for Inclusive Care is one of several initiatives and programs through which VA supports veterans' caregivers.
Become a Patriot Employer!
The Patriot Employer Program (PeP) is designed to increase veteran hiring by providing Nevada businesses with information and resources on veteran hiring.
The PeP program is a free, on-line training program that can be accessed by following the steps outlined on the NDVS website.
The course includes information on:
  • The benefits of hiring a veteran
  • How to find and recruit qualified veterans
  • How to help veterans succeed in the workplace and
  • Federal and State financial incentives for hiring veterans
Businesses with a representative completing the course are eligible to receive a Patriot Employer Program Certificate, signed by the Governor, for public display as well as a PeP window decal. This conveys to the public a business is veteran friendly.
PeP Outreach
Since its creation in 2017, NDVS has conducted outreach to hundreds of employers to promote the Patriot Employer Program, strengthen relationships, and improve access to employment opportunities for veterans, service members, and their families.
NDVS has built strong relationships with our State and local workforce and employment partners to help improve employment outcomes for veterans and to provide resources for employers. We will continue to work together to promote priority service to military members and veterans living and working in Nevada.
RememberAlways Remember
Aviator, Artist & Author Richard C. Kirkland Sr. to be Buried in 
Arlington National Cemetery
U.S. Air Force Major (Ret.) Richard C. Kirkland Sr. died on March 27, 2019 in Vienna, Virginia, surrounded by his loving wife, Maria and his family, just eight days before his 96 thbirthday. During his career in the Air Force, Kirkland Sr. spent time at Stead Air Force Base in Reno, Nevada.

Funeral services will be held at the Fort Myers Chapel at 9:00 AM, September 26, 2019, with interment to follow in Arlington National Cemetery.  Funeral arrangements are under the direction of Money & King Funeral Home, Vienna, Virginia - (703) 938-7440.

Always Remember, Never Forget - July 2019
Battle of Gettysburg Begins - July 1, 1863
The Battle of Gettysburg, fought from July 1 to July 3, 1863, is considered the most important engagement of the American Civil War. After a great victory over Union forces at Chancellorsville, General Robert E. Lee marched his Army of Northern Virginia into Pennsylvania in late June 1863. On July 1, the advancing Confederates clashed with the Union's Army of the Potomac, commanded by General George G. Meade, at the crossroads town of Gettysburg. The next day saw even heavier fighting, as the Confederates attacked the Federals on both left and right. On July 3, Lee ordered an attack by fewer than 15,000 troops on the enemy's center at Cemetery Ridge. The assault, known as "Pickett's Charge," managed to pierce the Union lines but eventually failed, at the cost of thousands of rebel casualties, and Lee was forced to withdraw his battered army toward Virginia on July 4.

The Declaration of Independence Is Approved - July 4, 1776
When armed conflict between bands of American colonists and British soldiers began in April 1775, the Americans were ostensibly fighting only for their rights as subjects of the British crown. By the following summer, with the Revolutionary War in full swing, the movement for independence from Britain had grown, and delegates of the Continental Congress were faced with a vote on the issue. In mid-June 1776, a five-man committee including Thomas Jefferson, John Adams and Benjamin Franklin was tasked with drafting a formal statement of the colonies' intentions. The Congress formally adopted the Declaration of Independence-written largely by Jefferson-in Philadelphia on July 4, a date now celebrated as the birth of American independence.

The Battle of Kursk, the Largest Tank Battle To-Date, Happens during WWII - July 12, 1943
The Battle of Kursk occurred in July 1943 around the Soviet city of Kursk in western Russia, as Germany launched Operation Citadel, Hitler's response to his devastating defeat by the Soviet Red Army at the Battle of Stalingrad. The battle was Germany's last chance to regain dominance on the Eastern Front during World War II and would be their final blitzkrieg offensive.

Despite a massive planned assault on Soviet troops using heavy tanks, artillery and air power, postponements by German dictator Adolf Hitler gave the Soviets ample time to prepare for the onslaught. Ultimately, Germany's plan to wipe out the Red Army once and for all failed, but not before both sides experienced heavy casualties.

Army Chaplain Corp Anniversary - July 29
In 1775, The Continental Congress authorized the creation of an Army Chaplain Corps, providing one chaplain for each regiment. At the time, those who served as Army Chaplains were paid approximately $20 a month and had no required military uniform. The role would evolve and change over time, especially where multi-faith operations are concerned.

The Corps did not begin as the pluralistic operation it is today, but over time Catholic chaplains were added, and later African American and Jewish chaplains. These additions happened prior to or during the Civil War, but it wouldn't be until 1979 for women to be allowed to accept commissions as Army Chaplains.

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