In 2017, NE Delta HSA will be even more intentional about working with hospital officials, law enforcement, chambers of commerce, municipal governments, and public health leaders to further reduce our region's prevalence of serious mental health issues and addiction, crime and poverty. In addition, we will actively engage our citizenry and propose public policies that will help our citizens receive quality, competent integrated healthcare services.
Our integrative, collaborative approach goes beyond traditional services by helping improve social determinants like workforce issues, housing and improved educational opportunities. This integrative NE Delta HSA approach was recognized by Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in 2016 as one of their National Healthcare Delivery Innovation Competition winners.
We will keep you posted about upcoming events that NE Delta HSA and NAMI Ruston are jointly hosting, including:
  • A Law Enforcement Mental Health Symposium on May 2nd at the Ruston Civic Center
  • A Faith-Based Behavioral/Mental Health Summit on October 7th at a local church.
Below is a great article from today's Ruston Daily Leader newspaper about the partnership between NE Delta HSA and the Ruston chapter of the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI). NE Delta HSA collaborates with entities throughout northeast Louisiana, like NAMI Ruston, to ensure our citizens have access to the mental health, prevention, addictive disorder and developmental disabilities services they need. We actively put our Mission in action every day to ensure our citizens have access to quality behavioral healthcare services.
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