Seven Parishes joined together to raise up 32 people to be confirmed or received into The Episcopal Church on Tuesday, May 7th. The event was held at St. John's, Vernon, and the net was cast to include six parishes in the NE and one parish in the NC region (because that's what friends do - cast the net wide!).

Before this day even happened, this group got together multiple times in joint confirmation classes - taking trips and having a lot of God-centered conversation. Each parish even wrote their own Creed's, which were printed in the bulletin for the service. And, at least in the case of St. Peter's, Hebron, the Creed is being read during the service on Sundays throughout the season of Easter.

One of my friends, David Clarke, from St. John's, Vernon, even took a video of the entire service, which you can watch HERE.

When I arrived to the service, I was able to grab a rocking chair in the back which proved to be a very good choice! Being in the back of the church put me in the unique position to watch those being confirmed/received line up for the processional. I'm not sure I've even seen quite such a lovely spectacle that is 32 children and adults, plus acolytes, seven parish clergy, and a Bishop getting ready to walk down the aisle. It called to mind a festival type atmosphere, complete with a few missteps and lots of joy.

In some ways, this illustrated a type of church not commonly seen anymore. As I stated in my letter earlier in the newsletter, I was confirmed at St. John's in 1994, and our confirmation class was probably 20+ children. I think it's quite rare to have that many people form a single church now. And yet, I wasn't sad for that. Instead, I was joyously amazed that seven parishes came together and did this as ONE BODY of Christ. It was, perhaps, even more powerful to witness the coming together and the raising up in this way.

Those that were confirmed or received are:
Christ Church, Pomfret - Karyn Elizabeth DiBonaventura

Old St. Andrew's, Bloomfield - Taylor DeVany Bowie, Guineviere Elizabeth Keeler, and Lily Carolena Onderdonk

St. James, Glastonbury - Albert Bernard Carbaugh and Katherine Anne Carbaugh

St. John's, Vernon - Lisa Holloway McLane, Kelli Jensen Peters, James William Simon, Clarissa Rose Halpryn, Skylar Viney Marshall, Victoria Grace Minietti, Claire Isabella Palmer, Rachel Olivia Pospisil, Peter Alessandro Sartori, Kelly Ann Schmidt, Damien James Pruden Wilson, and Donovan Harry Pruden Wilson

St. Mary's, Manchester - Karen Ella Armogida, Janna Elizabeth Hart, Avery Warren Mercier, Jacob Adrien Mercier, Nyasia Amaya Christina Price, and Logan William Tomic

St. Peter's, Hebron - Thomas Richard Atwood, Jr, Hannah Grace Mangiafico, Benjamin Scott Sullivan, and Samantha Kimberley Sullivan

Trinity, Brooklyn - Alyssa Lynne Newson, Calleigh Alexys O'Brien, Brandon Russell Richards, and Sarah Elizabeth Richards

Video by of David Clarke, St. John's, Vernon and photo taken from Facebook - both used with permission from all parishes involved in the service.