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A near miss is defined as an incident in which no property was damaged and no personal injury was sustained, but where given a slight shift in time or position, damage or injury easily could have occurred.

Have you ever experienced a near miss in the workplace? 

What do you do after a near miss? Do you say “wow that was a close one” and move on like nothing has happened? Do you implement any corrective actions to prevent a re-occurrence?

It is critical that near misses are communicated and followed up with to prevent potential loss or injury. If you have a near miss story you would like to share with MSA (in confidentiality) to potentially prevent industry loss or injury please contact info@motorsafety.ca 

To learn more about near miss reporting please check out this prerecorded webinar:

Near Miss Reporting Webinar

Industry Perception Survey for MSA Members

MSA designed a short safety perception survey as a tool for our member companies to measure and benchmark the current state of safety culture in their workplaces.  MSA invites you to complete this industry specific safety perception survey: Industry Perception Survey


Perception survey results are recorded in confidence and all results are anonymous. An industry summarization report of survey results will be shared in December. 

Record Keeping Webinar

If you missed our recent webinar on Document & Record Keeping, please feel free to watch it at your convenience by clicking here: Document & Record Keeping

Transportation of Dangerous Goods Course

MSA has recently developed an industry recognized Transportation of Dangerous Goods (TDG) free online course.

In this free online two-hour course students will learn about:

·       TDG Legislation and Regulations

·       Training Requirements

·       Responsibilities

·       Classifications

·       Documentation and Placards

·       Exemptions & Special Cases

·       Industry TDG Examples and Reporting

For more information or to register click here: Transportation of Dangerous Goods

More Updates

MSA Safety Advisors will be in Carlyle and Prince Albert in the near future. If your business is interested in having a MSA advisor come out at no additional charge to provide onsite safety services, contact us: info@motorsafety.ca or at 306-721-0688.

If you have any further safety information that you feel should be communicated to our industry and membership, please email: info@motorsafety.ca