Supporting Our Members Through a Challenging Year

2020 was the year that changed everything - what didn’t change is our hard work and dedication to uphold our mission and to support our valued members. Here is a quick two-minute video highlighting our year.
Honoring Healthcare Heroes on Dec. 7
At our first ever Virtual Annual Tribute to Leadership on December 7, we paid tribute to Dr. Philip Ozuah, Chief Executive Officer of Montefiore Medical System, Dr. Richard Park, Founder and former CEO and Chairman of CityMD, and Dr. Michael Rendel, Managing Director and Global Medical Director at Goldman Sachs. We also honored 1199SEIU’s Healthcare Heroes – the essential frontline healthcare workers to whom we all owe a huge debt of gratitude.
Talking Coronavirus with the Master Virus Hunter
In November, Dr. Mark Cunningham-Hill sat down with Dr. W. Ian Lipkin to go behind the scenes of the pandemic. Dr. Lipkin, known as one of the world’s “master virus hunters ” and medical advisor to the film “Contagion,” traveled to China in early February to investigate the coronavirus, a trip he also made 17 years ago to fight SARS.

Former NBA'er Chris Herren on Substance Use and Mental Health During COVID
At our Sept. 17 Annual Conference, former Boston Celtic Chris Herren talked with long-time NEBGH friend Mark Kaplan about his recovery journey, and how COVID-19 is affecting our wellbeing and quality of life.
How Racism Affects Employee Mental Health
In early August, Dr. Karinn Glover joined us to discuss how COVID-19 has hit BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) communities especially hard. The murders of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery and Breonna Taylor have thrown into stark relief the systemic racism that exists in all corners of society. Individuals of color have suffered from the trauma and daily indignities of racism every day of their lives – including at work.
Employee Grief and Emotional Distress During and After COVID-19
In May, we explored how the deaths of colleagues, friends and family members, fears of infection and mortality - and the loss of daily life as we’ve known it - is affecting us. Hear how COVID-19 social distancing may increase risk for prolonged grief, and the evidence base for this condition and other stress and trauma related symptoms.
Moving Beyond Diversity to Inclusion
On December 3rd, we had our first part of a three-part series on diversity and inclusion in the workplace. Pursuing and celebrating diversity in the workplace is a worthy goal, but it's not enough. Organizations must change themselves to fit all people and create a culture of inclusion and belonging.
Battling Racial Health Disparities in Employer-Sponsored Healthcare
January 21, 2021
"Safe Space" Employer Roundtable
February 11, 2021
Open to NEBGH Employer Members Only
Essential Guidance and Tools for Your Top Concerns
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