Backup and recovery as a service, or BaaS can be the cloud-based "One-Two punch" to knockout ransomware attackers early in the first round. Forgive the boxing analogy but in today's environment, you are in actual cyber combat against ransomware attackers.

Five common myths about ransomware readiness:

  • We are not a target.
  • Our standard firewall and antivirus will stop ransomware.
  • Our backups are safe.
  • There is nothing we can do to stop ransomware.
  • We'll be fine if we just pay the ransom.

Ransomware Attacks Are a Form of Cyberwarfare:

Henry J. Sienkiewicz, author of The Art of Cyber Conflict and former CIO for the Defense Information Systems Agency, borrows heavily from Sun Tzu's philosophies of war in his book about cyber conflict.

In The Art of War, Sun Tzu says "The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting."

Sienkiewicz says in his book about cyber conflict, “It is a doctrine of war not to assume the enemy will not come, but rather to rely on one’s readiness to meet him, not to presume that he will not attack, but rather to make oneself invincible.”

"Defense is the planning of an attack." More Sun Tzu. When it comes to your data, your operations, and your operating budget, a war footing that puts enterprise-class defenses around your digital organization can go a long way towards keeping you from becoming a statistic like the ones below.