NECA Political Leadership Council (PLC)
Chicago & Cook County Chapter Participation
October 2020


Please review the following information regarding NECA Political Leadership Council (PLC) activity, as well as a listing of the current NECA PLC representation and NECAPAC participants from the Chicago & Cook County Chapter. We encourage you to participate with the NECAPAC! Please contact the ECA with any questions at: (708) 531-0022.
A key ingredient in NECAPAC's growing success is the Political Leadership Council (PLC). Contractors who make a personal annual NECAPAC commitment of $5000 give NECA the power to continue expanding their position on the Hill as the million-dollar-plus political action "player." Members have opportunities to play a key role in selecting the issues that our members want NECA to support; participate in critical informational briefing sessions with Members of Congress; and attend the annual PLC Summit with a full day of high-level interaction and briefings from elected congressional leaders and national experts who impact our businesses.

NECA PLC District IV Chair
Steve Diamond, Malko Communication Services, LLC

PLC Members
(NECAPAC contribution of $5,000 or more):
William Cullen, Sharlen Electric Company
William Darnstadt, Lyons Electric Company, Inc.
Frank Gurtz, Gurtz Electric Company
Rick Jamerson, Jamerson & Bauwens Electrical Contractors, Inc.
Stefan Lopata, Kelso-Burnett Co.
James McGlynn, Sr., McWilliams Electric Company, Inc.
Eric Nixon, Maron Electric Company
David Witz, Continental Electrical Construction Company

Presidential Club (NECAPAC contribution of $2,500 or more):
Mark Thomas, ECA

Senatorial Club (NECAPAC contribution of $1,000 - $2,499):
Ken Bauwens, Jamerson & Bauwens Electrical Contractors, Inc.
Robert Fimbianti, Linear Electric, Inc.
David Hardt, Hardt Electric, Inc.
C. A. Riley, C.A. Riley Electric Construction Corporation
Congressional Club (NECAPAC contribution of $535- $999):
Katie Canino, Canino Electric Company
Kevin O’Shea, Shamrock Electric Construction Company
WC Schult, Super Electric Construction Company

Corporate Partners
C.A. Riley Electric Construction Corporation

Chapter Members
Chicago & Cook County Chapter