August, 2023

NEECA Newsletter

DO WE....OR DON'T WE....???? The NEECA Board of Directors has been busy coming up with some fun stuff for our members to do during the Sept. 23rd Member Appreciation Day. However, since this event is being offered exclusively for the benefit of our members (and their guests), we need to make sure that there are enough folks planning to attend to make it worth doing this year. It will require a significant amount of time and effort for the Board to put this event on the way we would like to so we just want to make sure enough folks are planning to show up to enjoy it.

As of now we are planning a small low-key Versatility Competition, judged by Pete Whitmore. There is no fee to enter the competition and we can take up to 12 riders. We will also have a Poisonous Plants walk/talk by Linda LeBlanc, a "Photo Op" for you and your horse with Dawn Laughlin from Millstone Memories taking the pictures, a Scavenger Hunt out and about on the trails, and some Games Classes (including a Costume Class if enough interest) in the main arena. The NEECA Nibblers Food Booth open for complimentary food and drinks.

So we need your help. Following is a survey we are asking members to fill out and submit, letting us know if you are planning to attend, and if you are, what you're interested in attending and how many people you plan to bring with you. Deadline for submitting the survey is August 9th. Based on the responses we've had by that date, the Board will then decide whether to go ahead with the Member Appreciation Day for this year, or perhaps postpone it until next year.

So it's super important for you to return this survey if you do want to attend the Appreciation Day this year because we'll be basing our decision on the results of this survey.



NEECA Gymkhana #3

August 20th

The third gymkhana in our very popular 2023 series is happening on Sunday, August 20th. Be sure and save the date. Click here to preview Aug. patterns.

Side Saddle Clinic

August 27th

And now for something TOTALLY new and different! This clinic filled up fast when we first announced it back in late winter, but limited auditing spots are available for $20/person. Contact for more info.


In addition to sponsoring a whole bunch of events this year, we've been busy making important upgrades/improvements to NEECA itself.

If you've been up there recently you may have noticed some activity near the Food Booth. We are in the process of installing a new well! It will provide water for the Food Booth in addition to an outside faucet where participants will be able to get fresh water for their horses during events! This has been a long-term goal for us and we are so pleased to be getting it done this year.

We have also installed underground connections to the main arena speakers, AND have put speakers out in the trailer parking driveway so folks parked out there during events will be able to hear announcements.

Just last week we added yet another fun obstacle to our Confidence Course. Participants in our last Versatility Clinic had fun trying out the NEECA Zig Zag.

July was a busy month for NEECA! We had something happening every weekend. And many thanks, AS ALWAYS, for our wonderful volunteers who show up time and time again to help make these events happen!

NEECA Drivers - July 4th

Barre Show - July 9th

MSPCA Clinic - July 15th

Versatility Clinic- July 23rd

Triathlon - July 29th

The NEECA Triathlon rounded out our very busy month, and what a GREAT way to end it. Another year of good times and lots of smiles! Check out some wonderful pictures taken by Dawn Laughlin of Millstone Memories here.

Helpful Info When Riding At NEECA

  • The NEECA gates are usually closed in order to deter mischief, but they are NEVER LOCKED
  • Park is open from Dawn to Dusk every day
  • If you would like to use the Main Arena, cost is $5 per 90 minute session, and you need to contact to schedule a time
  • We ask that you sign a waiver before riding at the park. You can do so online:
  • Please close the gate when you leave, as long as there is no official event taking place that day
  • Clean up around your trailer before leaving. There is a dumpster on site for trash, and please pick up all manure left in parking areas
  • You do not have to be a NEECA member to walk/ride the trails, but membership is required if you would like to use any of the rings, Confidence Course, jumps, or round pen. Membership fees go towards the maintenance and improvement of these amenities.

NEECA's Going Digital!!

We are trying to collect as many waivers online versus paper copies for all our members. It will just make keeping track of who has signed a waiver a WHOLE lot easier. So if you haven't signed an online waiver form yet, even if you've already signed a paper one, we'd appreciate you taking a minute to follow the link below to submit one. Thanks!

Online Waiver Form

Helmet Opt-Out Form

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