February, 2023

NEECA Newsletter

"Many Hands Make Light The Work"

Every year we have a Work Day to help get the park ready for the new season. The number of volunteers that show up determines how much we can get done. Please save the date and try to come up and help out, if just for a few hours. Saturday, April 8th, weather permitting, with April 22nd as a back-up date.

We will have volunteer sign up sheets available at the March General Meeting and everyone who signs up to volunteer at an event will receive a FREE 2023 NEECA Calendar!

Equine First Aid Clinic - 1 Spot Left

For the first time ever NEECA is sponsoring an emergency First Aid Clinic. At this time we only have 1 spot left in this clinic and we'd love for as many NEECA members to take advantage of this wonderful learning opportunity as possible. If you are interested, please contact carolinemansfield01@gmail.com

If you would like to help NEECA raise the money needed to purchase an Equine Rescue Glide Kit that would be donated to the Athol Fire Dept., please click here and choose option #3, Donate via PayPal link.

This equipment would help facilitate the safe recovery and transportation of downed horses, whether by illness or accident.

We have already have received a donation of $500 from one of our members towards this goal so we're well on our way. Any amount will help, even if you can just spare $5.00. The horse it winds up helping some day may be your own.


3/15 at 7:00 p.m.

100 Main St., Athol (Bird & Nature Club)

Please join us. Great opportunity to meet other NEECA members, review 2022 accomplishments, and preview 2023 events and goals. Refreshments provided, and be sure to sign up for the Door Prize!


Do you know the normal Temperature, Respiration Rate, and Heart Rate of your horse(s)? Do you know what the typical ranges are for each of these important indicators of your horse's health? NEECA has created a convenient card that has the normal ranges listed on the front, and a chart on the back where you can record each of your horses baseline vital signs. Every horse owner should have this information on hand. It's one of the first things your vet is going to ask you when you call in for a potential emergency.

We will be handing these cards out at our March General Meeting to all attendees. Be sure to pick one up.

Side Saddle Clinic - Sat., 8/27

Ever wanted to give it a try? Now's your chance! Clinician will bring saddles and help fit the right one to your horse. Then you will have the opportunity to ride your horse in the side saddle!! Cost will be $100 per person for this clinic. Sign up info coming soon on NEECA's FB page so stay tuned! FUN FUN FUN!!!

Don't forget that the final presentation in NEECA's Winter Lecture Series will be taking place on Wed., Feb. 8th. Dr. Caitlin Eaton, from EquidDoc, is going to cover the wide ranging topic of overall Horse Health, Welfare & Maintenance. Her talk will review proper routine maintenance issues concerning your horse, including, but not limited, to: feeding guidelines, vaccinations, deworming schedules, importance of baseline vital signs, what every horse owner should have in their barn for first aid, when to call the vet. These lectures are FREE for NEECA members, just follow link below to sign up, you will receive ZOOM invite on the afternoon of Dr. Eaton's talk:

https://www.neeca.org/winter-lecture-series. If you missed the first two lectures, we recorded them and links to them are located at the bottom of this email.

Many Thanks To Debbie Martin!

After 3 years of service, Debbie Martin has given notice of resignation from the Board of Directors of NEECA effective 12-31-2022.

Debbie wishes NEECA continued success in the future.

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