July, 2023

NEECA Newsletter


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If you'd like to ride with NEECA in the Petersham 4th of July Parade, it's not too late! Contact Margo at westwindfm@aol.com to sign up.

MSPCA Equine Rescue Clinic taking place on July 15th still has a few spots available! Contact Carolinemansfield01@gmail.com for more information or to sign up. Only $60 for NEECA members!

Versatility Clinic #2 happening on July 23rd.

This always popular clinic will be taking place at the NEECA Confidence Course on July 23rd. Clinic is currently full but it's always fun to come and watch for free!

Triathlon Rescheduled!

Due to a less that optimistic weather forecast, we had to cancelthe original date of our Triathlon, but the GOOD news is that it is now happening on July 29th, and there's still time to enter!! Contact semvet@msn.com for more information.

Driven Dressage Clinic with Devin Burdick on July 30th!

The NEECA Drivers just keep "going and growing". Join them for another fun day of fun and learning. For more information, contact Althearealtor@gmail.com, and/or check out


Side Saddle Clinic

August 27th

And now for something TOTALLY new and different! This clinic filled up fast when we first announced it back in late winter, but limited auditing spots are available for $20/person. Contact carolinemansfield01@gmail.com for more info.

Please No Riders In Driving Area

We'd like to ask all our members, and anyone else riding at NEECA, to please not "ride" your horse in the Driving Area next to the Confidence Course. This area is specifically for Drivers with carts and carriages. We are working hard to keep the footing in that area suitable for drivers, and when riders use it to trot and canter it is digging up the footing and making the maintenance of that area a lot more difficult. We have volunteers who go up there to take care of arena maintenance for us, and this is making their jobs a lot harder and time consuming.

You are welcome to ride in the warm-up ring, Confidence Course, and on the trails, plus you can rent the main arena for only $5, but we would appreciate your cooperation in not using the Driving Area for anything but its intended purpose.

Helpful Info When Riding At NEECA

  • The NEECA gates are usually closed in order to deter mischief, but they are NEVER LOCKED
  • Park is open from Dawn to Dusk every day
  • If you would like to use the Main Arena, cost is $5 per 90 minute session, and you need to contact 124cab@gmail.com to schedule a time
  • We ask that you sign a waiver before riding at the park. You can do so online: https://www.neeca.org/liability-release-form
  • Please close the gate when you leave, as long as there is no official event taking place that day
  • Clean up around your trailer before leaving. There is a dumpster on site for trash, and please pick up all manure left in parking areas
  • You do not have to be a NEECA member to walk/ride the trails, but membership is required if you would like to use any of the rings, Confidence Course, jumps, or round pen. Membership fees go towards the maintenance and improvement of these amenities.

Sign An Online Waiver Before You Attend Your NEECA Event(s)

If you are planning to participate in one or more of NEECA's events this year, just click on following links to sign online waiver form, or helmet opt-out form, that is good for the entire year, no matter how many events you attend.

Online Waiver Form

Helmet Opt-Out Form

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