June, 2023

NEECA Newsletter

Petersham Parade

Date: July 4, 2023


 Start time: 10:00 AM

Line Up Time: 9:15 AM

Route: The "Olde Maide's Mile

Theme:  Lady Liberty NEECA wear encouraged

Deadline to Enter: June 6, 2023

Two "walkers" needed to carry banner.

All NEECA members must have signed waiver on file.

For info: Margo:  westwindfm@aol.com



To see ALL of our scheduled events, go to neeca.org/calendar

Plants Toxic To Horses

Educational Walk

June 10th from 9-11

Take a walk around NEECA with Linda LeBlanc and learn what plants and trees commonly found in our area are potentially toxic to horses. This event is FREE, please contact Linda at lebroyal@aol.com to sign up.

Gymkhana # 2

June 11th

All Ages, Ability Levels and Disciplines Welcome

Each Day Will Consist of 6 Events

Ribbons and Points Awarded at Each Gymkhana with Points Accumulating Towards Year-End Awards

•More information and patterns available at: https://www.neeca.org/gymkhana-information


June 17th

Registration for this event is closed at this time, but we wanted to make sure our members knew about it, because it is a fun event to just come and be a spectator at! We could also use a few more volunteers. Starts at 9 and should be finished around Noon. Contact semvet@msn.com for more info.

Mule and Donkey Show

June 24th

If you've never had the opportunity to see a Mule & Donkey Show, the time is NOW! Stop up at NEECA's Main Arena on June 24th to see these amazing animals "do their thing". If you'd like more information, terrylupien360@gmail.com

NEECA Drivers

June 26th

The NEECA Drivers just keep "going and growing". Join them for another fun day of fun and learning. For more information, contact Althearealtor@gmail.com, and/or check out


Versatility Clinic #2

July 23rd

Only 5 spots left in this fun clinic held up at the NEECA Confidence Course, with returning clinician Pete Whitmore from It's A Pleasure Training.

Contact carolinemansfield01@gmail.com if you are, but don't wait too long because they're going fast!

Helpful Info When Riding At NEECA

  • The NEECA gates are usually closed in order to deter mischief, but they are NEVER LOCKED
  • Park is open from Dawn to Dusk every day
  • Members are welcome to ride at the park anytime
  • If you would like to use the Main Arena, cost is $5 per 90 minute session, and you need to contact 124cab@gmail.com to schedule a time
  • We ask that you sign a waiver before riding at the park. You can do so online: https://www.neeca.org/liability-release-form
  • Please close the gate when you leave, as long as there is no official event taking place that day
  • Clean up around your trailer before leaving. There is a dumpster on site for trash, and please pick up all manure left in parking areas

Sign An Online Waiver Before You Attend Your NEECA Event(s)

If you are planning to participate in one or more of NEECA's events this year, just click on following links to sign online waiver form, or helmet opt-out form, that is good for the entire year, no matter how many events you attend.

Online Waiver Form

Helmet Opt-Out Form

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