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Librarian Olympics: Press Conference
New Interest Group for Academic Library Staff
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Save These 2016 Dates
Get to Know Your Board Members
Member Spotlight: Three Rivers Regional Libraries
Librarian Olympics: Press Conference
NEFLIN Librarian Olympics Logo  

The Librarian Olympics is a new partnership with the official Olympics games to recognize the best in the field of librarianship.
Take a moment to watch the video of the recent press conference on this from the headquarters of the International Olympic Committee in Lausanne, Switzerland.

Keep up with the latest information at the official website

Academic Libraries Interest Group
NEFLIN is proud to announce the newest addition to our Interest Groups: Academic Libraries.

Chaired by Thomas Messner, Executive Dean, Library and Learning Commons at Florida State College at Jacksonville, this group  
provides a forum for academic library staff to share and discuss current issues, and to build stronger collaborative relationships across the region.  Student and faculty engagement, information literacy, LibGuides integration, and shared state-wide catalog and database issues are just a few of the topics planned to be discussed this year. 

Join the Academic Libraries Interest Group for their first online meeting February 19th, 12 noon - 1 pm. where they will discuss Status updates on Florida's Next Gen Library catalog and the new Florida Academic Library Service Cooperative (FALSC)

Lucy Harrison, FALSC Interim Executive Director will provide an overview of how the project is progressing, and how you can help support a smooth "Next Gen" system transition at your institution.  Click for information and registration details.
Cold. Hard. Cash.


There are a number of exciting conferences coming up in 2016, including FLA this March in Daytona Beach and ALA in Orlando (June 23-28).  

Pile of Cash
If you need travel assistance to attend these types of events, please let NEFLIN help you.
Visit the JMCEF webpage for details.
 Save these 2016 Dates



Here are some important dates for your 2016 calendar.  

2016 NEFLIN Awards


Nominations for the annual NEFLIN Awards will be accepted April 1 - June 15.  

  Hot Topics UX Conference BW 

This year's "Hot Topics" conference will be on User Experience Design. Plan to join us on May 20 at Flagler College in St. Augustine.  

Annual Meeting 2016


The always popular NEFLIN Annual Meeting is tentatively scheduled for September 23.  

Get to Know Your Board Members
The new year is a good time to get to know more about your NEFLIN Board of Directors. Go to NEFLIN's Facebook page to learn some little known facts about each of these folks.
  • Who got married in Vegas?
  • Who is an avid vinyl record collector?
  • Who is a kickboxer?
  • and more!


  NEFLIN Board
 [Click on to Enlarge]
Spotlight on Three Rivers

Three Rivers Regional Libraries
From 1960 until 1995, the Dixie, Gilchrist, and Lafayette County Public Libraries were members of the Suwannee River Regional Library System. In 1994 a Task Force began meeting to explore the advantages of dividing the six-county system into two three-county systems.   It became obvious that the benefits of dividing the region far outweighed the negatives. Plans were made to formally split into two separate systems at the conclusion of the 1994-95 fiscal year.
A regional library office was established in Mayo, the county seat of Lafayette County. A contest was also held to choose a name for the new library system, and "Three Rivers Regional Library System" (TRRLS), was selected from more than seventy-five entries. Three Rivers represents the names of the rivers that border the three counties: the Santa Fe, Steinhatchee, and Suwannee. TRRLS officially began service to the citizens of Dixie, Gilchrist and Lafayette Counties on October 1, 1995. Taylor County was added to the System in August 2011.
The Lafayette Library was housed for many years in the old courthouse which was rumored to be haunted and many of the staff were scared to work alone. The light switch was located in the back of the building which meant a long walk in the dark to leave each day. That walk was usually a sprint!
For more of this article, and other interesting facts about the Three Rivers libraries, go here.

Northeast Florida Library Information Network 
2233 Park Avenue Suite 402
Orange Park, FL 32073
How AI and Big Data are Changing our World  

Friday, February 26
9:30 am - 3:30 pm

Advances in computing and storage have led us to the dawn of a new age, one
where machines can learn to perform many tasks that once required human effort.

Join Mickey Boyd in exploring recent advances in artificial intelligence and big data, and how they will change our society and the library profession.

Location: NEFLIN in Orange Park

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The Rise of Automation 

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