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2019 Innovation Project Highlight
Are You Making the Most Out of NEFLIN?
2020 Interest Groups Now Underway
Featured Trainer: Barbara Colaciello
Featured NED Profile: Kate Duong
Hot Topics :  Save the Date!
Our latest Hot Topics conference,  @Your Service , is happening  Friday, April 17, 2020  at the Schultz Center in Jacksonville! 

We're gathering some of the best library service efforts together to deliver in our breakout sessions. The goal of this conference is for all attendees to learn how different libraries have successfully implemented services that draw people into their buildings.

Keep an eye out for your opportunity to register for this day full of ideas and inspiration! 

2019 Innovation Project Highlight

In 2019, NEFLIN awarded a total of $50,000 to six NEFLIN members for Innovation Projects, and over the next few months, we'd like to share with you these innovative endeavors.  If a project piques your interest, be sure to reach out to a NEFLIN member from that Institution to find out more. 

In their NEFLIN Innovation Project, University of Florida George A. Smathers Libraries developed a method for recycling waste from 3D printing projects:

"The project proposes to develop a 3D plastic waste recycling program using a Filabot EX2 extruder system. Many college and public libraries offer their patrons 3D printing services, however, failed prints generate substantial amounts of waste plastic that is simply discarded. Through this grant project the team will explore a more sustainable alternative that recycles the waste PLA into 3D filament for use in new 3D prints. Exploring the feasibility of recycling waste 3D filament supports our goal to provide outreach and materials to libraries with 3D printing capabilities that wish to make their 3D printing service more sustainable."

Are you making the most out of NEFLIN?
NEFLIN membership offers opportunities aplenty, but with so much going on, how can you be sure you don't miss the training and events that are most useful to you?

Start by updating your NEFLIN email preferences and subscribing to the email lists that interest you the most.  You'll soon see a difference in your inbox - targeted emails and newsletters that highlight just what you want to see.  

Then, follow NEFLIN on Social Media.  We're active on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and we'd love to connect with you there.

And always remember that you can call the NEFLIN office or email us at for help troubleshooting any problems you have with NEFLIN emails.  

We look forward to keeping in touch!
2020 Interest Groups Now Underway

As you make plans for a successful 2020, consider how being a part of a NEFLIN Interest Group can both enrich your professional skills and help you make connections to colleagues across Northeast Florida. These 11 groups are led by fellow NEFLIN members, meet four times a year, and offer something for everyone.  

Upcoming group meetings include Children's Services on January 24th, Technology on February 5th, Academic Libraries on February 6th, and Teen Services on February 27th.  Other meetings are on the calendar or in the works, so be sure to sign up for your group's email list and watch for announcements!

We're also excited to announce that for 2020, the NEFLIN Leadership Interest Group (formerly Management) will share in a group read of the FLA One Book One State title, Dare to Lead by Brene Brown.  We invite any interested NEFLIN members to check out a copy from their favorite library, read along with the posted schedule, and join this group for quarterly online discussions of what you've read. 
Featured Trainer:  Barbara Colaciello
Barbara Colaciello is a new trainer for NEFLIN. Our upcoming day-long workshop, Transformational Leadership Through Storytelling, marks Barbara's debut in front of a library audience. 

Over the years, Barbara has developed quite a resume. She has worked at Andy Warhol's  Interview magazine, modeled, acted and directed stage productions, and served in non-profit administration. 

In addition to teaching and coaching communication workshops, she has a space, Babs'Lab in Jacksonville's CoRK Arts District that plays host to storytelling, improv, plays and other performance experiences. 
Featured NED Profile:  Kate Duong

You have probably heard that in 2019, we rolled out a new NEFLIN resource:  the NEFLIN Expertise Database (NED).  This database provides a place for NEFLIN members to share their own expertise and connect with others.  For the next few months, we'll be featuring some of the NED profiles that have been added, and we'd like to thank all of our NED "Early Adopters" for submitting profiles and helping us to get NED off to a great start!
Kate Duong, Columbia County Public Library

"Hello, my name is Kate Duong
(pronounced dwong, in case you're wondering) and I am the Youth Services Librarian for the Columbia County Public Library. I received my undergraduate degree in English from the University of Florida, and my Graduate MLIS Degree from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. I've been with CCPL for four years and I absolutely love what I do. In my previous professional life I was a high school English teacher, which has left me with an enormous amount of respect for educators and what they do as well as a personal goal to engage with and build connections with my local schools."

Northeast Florida Library Information Network 
2233 Park Avenue Suite 402
Orange Park, FL 32073

with Kodi Miller
Tuesday, March 24
10:00 - 11:00 AM

Service animals are increasingly common in our world today. Laws have taken down barriers that once would have blocked animals from being in places like libraries. At the same time, some unscrupulous folks are taking advantage of these laws meant to help people who need these guides to help them navigate through life. 

After taking this webinar, you will find yourself more fully informed on how to best react when you see a new furry patron entering your library! Kodi Miller covers the legalities surrounding service, companion and therapy animals both for those using the library as well as those working in the library. 
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