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Why Am I Getting This Newsletter?
Calling all NEFLIN Member Libraries!
Marketing Project Kicks Off
School Librarians: A Day Just For You
Member Spotlight: Florida Institute of Technology
Why Am I Getting This Newsletter?
Brad here.  Do you have a minute?

We get these questions more than you might think: 
  • "Why are you sending me this newsletter?" 
  • "Who are you?" 
  • "How did you get my email address?"
  • "What does being a member of NEFLIN mean?"
Here is the answer to those questions:

Because you are a "member" of NEFLIN.  Every employee of a library in the 24 counties that NEFLIN serves is a member.

NEFLIN is a non-profit organization whose purpose is to support the work that your library does in its community.
Your library provided us with your email address.  This is the only way we can keep you informed. 

Your library pays membership dues once a year so that you can have access to all our services for free.  The library expects that by paying these dues you will take advantage of the  services that NEFLIN offers, and there are a bunch.

24 county service area map
NEFLIN Service Area 

This is the NEFLIN staff.  They are all smiling because they like their job and each other (really!).

Brad Ward

Heather 2016
Heather Sostrom

Jenny Eason

Jeannie 2016
Jeannie Owens

If you need anything don't hesitate to contact us.

Calling all NEFLIN member libraries!

NEFLIN invites you to submit a proposal for TechSpace - a " members only" area at the 2017 NEFLIN Technology Conference! We want to showcase member libraries as presenters and highlight the tools and technology currently used at your institutions. The goal is for all attendees to learn how different devices work with hands-on familiarization and training.
Complete THIS brief Proposal to apply today!

Presenting at TechSpace:
  • Members will have access to the Internet.
  • Access to power outlets for electricity may be limited.
  • NEFLIN suggests presenters prepare a tabletop display with screen shots of your presentation as backup.
Expectations for Presenters:
  • TechSpace presenters must register for the Conference.
  • Presenters must bring all needed equipment (laptop, extension cord, etc.)
  • Presenters will be available to answer questions and allow other members the chance to explore the devices or programs being presented.



2017 NEFLIN Technology Conference

Friday June 2, 2017

Renaissance World Golf Village Resort

Registration for the conference opens April 3rd!   
 Marketing Project Kicks Off

In libraries, we offer great "stuff".  Not just books and technology and a welcoming space, but also services and innovation and expert guidance.  

On February 23rd, 10 teams from NEFLIN libraries gathered to learn how to better market their services and resources so that they get the usage they deserve.  The teams are part of the 2017 NEFLIN Marketing Project, and the Kick-off event on the 23rd was just the beginning of a process the teams will work their way through between now and the Annual Meeting this fall.  Nancy Dowd, co-author of  Bite-Sized Marketing: Realistic Solutions for Overworked Librarians, led the day with a keynote, a writing/brainstorming session for each team, and a sharing session in which the teams bounced their ideas off each other and received valuable feedback.

Nancy and Jenny Eason are now in the process of visiting each of the 10 libraries and working one-on-one with them as they plan next steps. Marketing teams, we wish you luck and look forward to hearing about your experiences at the Annual Meeting!  

  School Librarians: A Day Just For You

NEFLIN is hosting its 3rd annual School Libraries Interest Group meeting on a Saturday!  Join us Saturday, April 22nd at Pedro Menendez High School in St. Augustine.  Led and organized by facilitator Kate Neff, the day will include informational activities, resource sharing, and networking. 

Why on Saturday?  Those involved with school media programs have told us how difficult it can be to get away during a regular school day; an annual Saturday meeting just works better.  This meeting is an opportunity for many who work alone to come together, share ideas, and leave with new, innovative approaches.  View the Agenda.
NEFLIN supports the professional development needs of school library staff and strives to be responsive to the needs of all members.  Lunch will be provided; registration is required.  
Spotlight on Florida Institute of Technology

Florida Institute of Technology
Florida Institute of Technology, the only independent, technological university in the Southeast, was founded in 1958 to offer educational opportunities to NASA scientists and engineers . Today, Florida Tech offers undergraduate, master's and doctoral programs in science, engineering, aeronautics, business and more.
The Evans Library is a central location for the Florida Tech community providing virtual and physical access to data and information. Library faculty and staff collaborate with students and faculty in the exploration and evaluation of the full spectrum of information resources, fostering faculty research and developing students' skills and competencies, to guide their journey through lifelong learning and innovative scholarship.
Recent completed projects include the creation of the
Harry P. Weber University Archives and the University Archives Exhibition Room, where items documenting the first days of the University are on display. The Digital Scholarship Laboratory (DSL), created in a re-purposed space, is a beautiful, modern space with technology (e.g. 3-D printers, a 3-D scanner, data analysis and visualization hardware and software, a media production center) and expertise (e.g. GIS, 3-D modeling and printing) for student research and learning.
Florida Tech's motto is High Tech with a Human Touch, and in the Library we endeavor to become a leading-edge center of learning, information, and culture with a focus on personal service.

FIT Logo

Northeast Florida Library Information Network 
2233 Park Avenue Suite 402
Orange Park, FL 32073
What it is and Why it Matters in your Workplace 

with Linda Bruno
Thursday, April 13 
9 am - 4 pm

Emotional Intelligence is being intelligent about emotions - yours and others'.  We will consider: 
  • What are emotions?
  • Are we aware of them?
  • Can we control them?
  • How do they affect our relationships?
  • Why does it matter?
  • How does Emotional Intelligence affect my work-life?
  • Can we improve our Emotional Intelligence?
Together, we will:
  • Examine and compare elements of Emotional Intelligence
  • Discover how emotions affect others
  • Determine how to improve Emotional Intelligence skills
Location: Volusia County Public Library in Deltona

Register for: 
What it is and Why it Matters in your Workplace 
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