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2019 is the Year to Innovate
Jim Morris Fund Now Accepting Applications
Give a Gift to NEFLIN and Invest in Yourself
Yeehaw! It's the Tech-Talk Roundup
My Favorite Tool: Genius Scan
Member Spotlight: Robyn Doppke
2019 is the Year to Innovate    
NEFLIN is pleased to announce the return of our popular Innovation Projects!   
Applications are now being accepted for up to $10,000 in funding for an innovative, new project or service at your library.
You can also view on the Innovation Projects page information about the libraries that were previously awarded funding...to help jump start your innovative thinking.   
Jim Morris Fund Now Accepting Applications 
  Why is this man smiling?

Did he get a new tie?  (No...well maybe, but that's not it.)

Lou Greco is a recent recipient of a $500 travel reimbursement from the Jim Morris Fund
We encourage full-time or part-time employees of NEFLIN member libraries to apply for a stipend of up to $500 for out-of-state travel and up to $250 for in-state travel towards:
  • Library related conferences
  • Training
  • Professional development 
There will be two application windows this year for 2019 travel.
Applications for any events taking place in 2019 will be accepted through December 31, 2018. 
Applications for any events taking place between June 1, 2019 and December 31, 2019 will be accepted January 1, 2019 - April 30, 2019 .
Give a Gift to NEFLIN and Invest in Yourself
NEFLIN participates in the  Amazon Smile  program, so if you are looking for a painless way to help a worthy cause - please be sure your purchases benefit NEFLIN by taking the following steps:

1. Instead of going to www.amazon.com, begin your shopping by going to smile.amazon.com.   


2. On your first visit, choose "NEFLIN" as your favorite charitable organization (use the search box).


3. For future visits, create a bookmark to smile.amazon.com or install the Chrome or Firefox browser extensions to make shopping easy. Remember that you must begin your shopping at Amazon Smile in order for NEFLIN to benefit.

By investing in NEFLIN you are investing in yourself and in your library.  Thanks for helping us help you!
Yeehaw!  It's the Tech-Talk Roundup 

As we head towards the end of 2018 we thought a look back at the weekly Tech-Talk tips would be helpful. This is a reminder that you can search the Tech-Talk archives for all posted tips, and we have highlighted a few favorites that we have found especially useful.

My Favorite Tool: Genius Scan
This month's "My Favorite Tool" column comes to us from Kelly Bohannon, branch manager of Clay County's Fleming Island Branch and a member of NEFLIN's Continuing Education Committee.
My favorite tool is one I have used many times both at work and home.
Genius Scan enables you to scan documents with your phone in extremely high quality and then export your scans as JPEG or PDF with multiple pages.  
Genius Scan also auto corrects distortion in your photo/document, so you don't have to be perfectly flat above your document. You can actually tilt your phone to avoid shadows and glare!
I have used this to copy photos and after the editing in Genius Scan, my pictures looked better than the originals. Once you have scanned a document with Genius Scan, you can export it to iBooks, your camera roll, or email.
In a library setting, Genius Scan is something I recommend to patrons since they often come to our library expecting scanning capabilities. Since we do not offer scanning, I suggest they scan with the app (since most people have a smartphone now), then email the document to themselves. Then they can print from our computer lab. This has saved many people a trip to various stores who charge for scanning.
Genius Scan in the App Store
 Member Spotlight: Robyn Doppke
The member in this month's spotlight is Robyn Doppke facilitator of the NEFLIN Teen Services Interest Group.
"I first started my library career when I was a student at FJC now known as FSCJ, in the year 1993. I began working as a student assistant in the now defunct media library, which was below the book/periodical library at FJC. I was able to study and watch many movies while working.  
Also, on Sundays I would work in the book library with a wonderful librarian from UNF. I would talk with her every Sunday and I knew once I graduated with my B.A. that I wanted to get my Masters in Library Science. I went to FSU and at that time classes were online and on campus. I loved every bit of it.  
Before graduation I worked in a High School library, not knowing a thing, but I managed to learn how to run a library while going to grad school and working at a high school. I have also worked in several colleges - my first and favorite was Jacksonville Art Institute where I was Director of the Library.  From there I went to Beijing, China, working as a International Librarian.

Since I have been home I have worked as a Librarian at a College and now I am with the Alachua County School System. I am a media specialist/librarian, where I am the on campus tech person, teach a maker space class and of course run the library. I love what I do and I cannot imagine doing anything else."  

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What could be better for the week after Thanksgiving than a half-day workshop on Stress Management from Linda Bruno? Not much! Fortunately for you, we are hosting that very workshop

Learn about what really causes stress for you and how to reduce it in both your work and home life. We can't promise that you'll float out of here on a cloud, but you'll at least get closer!
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