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What's the Return on Your NEFLIN Investment?
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Board Election Results
Does your Library have a Mobile App?
Member Spotlight:New River Public Library Cooperative

NEFLIN's New Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan Small

"So what does NEFLIN do?"


[Brad here] I used to get this question all the time from my mother. "You don't work in a library, but you work for libraries." (Getting closer).


A good place to answer this question is by looking at our new Strategic Plan. This document outlines what NEFLIN does, and will be doing over the next three years.

"I see your Vision, Mission, and Values." (Closer).

"I see training, consulting, projects, and networking opportunities that connect library staff." (Almost there).

"You must work hard to provide services that promote excellence in libraries and the communities they serve."
(Winner, winner, chicken dinner). 
The Return on Your NEFLIN Investment

At the end of each fiscal year NEFLIN provides their member libraries with a personalized Return on Investment report.

The median return for a member library this past year was
$7,859 which is many times what a library pays ($500 - $1,500) in membership dues!

We want each member library to have a healthy return. Make sure that you are aware of the variety of services that NEFLIN provides by reviewing this document for a brief overview of each service we offer. 
Make 'Em Laugh

Just thought everyone could use some library humor courtesy of the folks at Fake Library Stats.
75% of librarians are sad microfiche has gone out of use because they miss making "Teach a man to fiche" jokes.

Announcing "The library is closing in 10 minutes" actually slows down 44% of patrons.

What librarians do during webinars: 14% take notes; 5% doodle; 18% read; 35% tweet; 20% nap; 9% complain about the audio.
Librarians can improve their vehicle gas mileage 65% simply by removing all the books from their trunk.
 Board Election Results

The NEFLIN Board of Directors is elected by the member library directors.  Each year three new members are elected of the nine that serve on the Board.  Congratulations to the following members that were elected!






Carrie Driggers-Adams

Baptist Medical Center  

Jessica Collogan






Jessica Collogan

Jacksonville University  







Patrick Reakes

University of Florida  

Provide a Mobile App for Your Customers


New addition to NEFLIN's Vendor Discount Program

Boopsie Logo

Today's library patron is more mobile savvy and spends nearly 90% of their time on mobile devices in apps versus the mobile browser (like Safari or Chrome).

Libraries providing their patrons with one-touch access to all of their resources are seeing more than a 35% increase circulation of physical and digital materials and 30% more new patrons.

A native mobile app, downloaded off of the major app stores like Apple and Android, provides an access point to your library that your patrons are accustomed to.  Check us out!

Member Library Spotlight: New River

New River Public Library Cooperative

The New River Public Library Cooperative (NRPLC) was established in 1996 and is located in Lake Butler. 

NRPLC supports library services in Union, Bradford, and Baker counties serving an approximate combined population of 70,800. There are currently 33,016 registered patrons.

There are a total of 36 staff members in the whole cooperative located at four buildings: three libraries and the administrative headquarters. The cooperative director is Marlene Glennon.
By combining our resources, we are able to save money and provide more services to the communities we serve. The administrative office and the three library locations in the NRPLC share many resources including a centralized website, an integrated library system (with a shared catalog of the collections in all locations), several database subscriptions outside of the Florida Electronic Library (FEL) package, a large eBook collection provided by Overdrive through our membership in NEFLIN (Northeast Florida Library Information Network), and a shared pool of equipment and supplies.
We also share policies, information, templates for marketing of services, ideas for children, teen, and adult programming, performers, and vendors, and shared staff for summer events, computer instruction, and other programs.

Northeast Florida Library Information Network 
2233 Park Avenue Suite 402
Orange Park, FL 32073
with New Horizons 

Monday, November 9
9 am - 4 pm

Identify effective project management practices and their related processes in this day-long course.  We will examine each element of sound project management: project initiation; planning for time and cost; planning for project risks, communication, and change control; managing a project; executing the project closeout phase.  Learn to apply these recognized practices to successfully manage projects for your library.

Location: New Horizons in Jacksonville

Question of the Month
Northeast Florida is just starting to cool off in October.  It's the perfect time to curl up with a good book.  But what to choose?

Visit NEFLIN's Facebook page
and share with us: 

What is your favorite book?

For your shelfie photo, introduce yourself (or another staff member) and include a picture of your favorite book. 

Send us a #shelfie!  And don't forget the hashtag

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