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January 15, 2020
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In three recent lawsuits, male students who were accused and disciplined for sexual misconduct argue that Title IX policies were administered unfairly at their universities, denying them due-process rights to cross-examine their accusers and have a live hearing before a neutral fact-finder. What could the court rulings mean for victims, perpetrators and universities, going forward?
NEBHE Fellow for Open Education Lindsey Gumb explains how Open Educational Resources (OER) could grant all students equitable access to high-quality, postsecondary instructional materials at low or no cost.
Buffeted by enrollment pressures and cuts in state and federal support, New England higher education institutions are being squeezed tight. Some to the breaking point. More than 20 have closed or merged in the past five years. What would happen if a recession hit on top of this? NEBHE gathered economists and higher ed leaders to explore just that question.
Thomas College President Laurie Lachance and EY-Parthenon Chief Economist Nigel Gault
State funding of public higher ed rose 5% nationally but below that in five of the six New England states ... read the latest from NEJHE's "DC Shuttle," featuring national news drawn from our friends at the New England Council.
Comings and Goings highlights key appointments and job changes in New England higher education and beyond.
New Clark University President David Fithian
News around NEBHE
The Teagle Foundation and the Davis Educational Foundation are co-funding a three-year impl ementation grant to develop systematic transfer pathways between community colleges and four-year independent colleges in Connecticut, Massachusetts and Rhode Island. Among other things, the Guarantee will mitigate credit loss, increase persistence and degree completion, and meet geographic needs of students who lack proximity to a public four-year institution.
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