January 2022
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Detect Candida auris faster!
Colorex™ Candida Plus Plates

Teaming up with CHROMagar™ of France, NEL is able to bring you Colorex™ Candida Plus plates, offering detection and differentiation of clinical Candida species, including C. auris.

C. auris has been making headlines as a growing health concern among health care facilities and nursing homes. C. auris infections can be difficult to identify and even harder to treat.

Understanding the importance of properly identifying C. auris from other types of fungi is key. This chromogenic medium is the only one on the market where C. auris is differentiated with such high specificity, while other Candida colony colors remain the same as with the standard Colorex™ Candida plates.

January is National Radon Action Month
Offering two easy-to-use test kits, Northeast Labs' analytical department makes testing for radon simple. Whether you're testing for radon in your air or in your drinking water, results are ready and emailed the next day!

Stop by one of our convenient locations in Winslow or Westbrook to pick up a kit for free, or order a kit from our website and have it shipped right to your location. Simple. Easy. Fast!
Radon Air Test Kit
Radon Water Test Kit

For more information about Radon and its associated health concerns, please visit:

Northeast Labs is looking to add PFAS testing to our scope.

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